Talking Angela – Simple Style Tips

Hey, #LittleKitties! Lots of you have asked me for fashion advice and I wanted to help … Ta daaa! These are my top fashion tips and tricks – just for you!

Hi! I’m Talking Angela and I’m going to share all my favorite things with you! You ready? There will be lifestyle videos about my everyday adventures, DIY tutorials, and easy peasy tips on healthy living. And there’s going to be LOADS about fashion and beauty, too, because I love coming up with creative, glamorous outfit ideas and makeup hauls! Did I mention I’ll give you some of my favorite food recipes too? These things are my passion and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

And don’t forget to explore the glamorous world of My Talking Angela:

You can adopt Angela as your very own virtual pet, dress her up in the latest fashions, collect cool stickers and just have loads of fun together!

I upload my videos every other week on Thursdays, but in the meantime you should check out my friends’ channels too! Talking Tom and Talking Ginger have some cool stuff for you to watch and you can find even more fun videos on the Talking Tom and Friends channel, too.

XO, my LittleKitties
♥ Angela ♥

Talking Angela is also known as: Sprechende Angela, Angela qui parle, Konuşan Angela, ngela Falante, Angela la gata parlante, انجيلا المتكلمة,


  1. What’s your No.1 fashion hack?

  2. Shoes??

  3. Can I get 100 likes for 100 marks in math exam…..???

  4. The bed is lava
    Comment down below if u won

  5. obrigada Talking Ângela fazendo esse vídeo Você ficou muito bonita com as suas roupas?????????????????????❤❤❤?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Can the my talking angela get a bag collection 😉

  7. I ♥ U Angela…..

  8. Esmerlin karol sevilla

    Hola Angela ??Love

  9. I love you???????

  10. I play this game every day

  11. Thank you Angela

  12. Amelia's Place DIY girl


  13. I like Angela

  14. What should I wear if I’m going to the movies I don’t need to be to do fancy but I also don’t want to come home address can you help me

  15. Hi Angela ???

  16. Mai’belle’femme

  17. My favorite outfit out of the whole closet is the fitness outfit

  18. She looks creepy af. Who here is 13+? wouldn’t like to be alone.

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