Take-Two Isn’t Making Enough Money From You (The Jimquisition)

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Few things piss off your humble Jim Sterling more than executive speak.

Well, a lot of things do, but executive speak is fucking insulting anyway.


  1. This new start up is taking some getting used to.

  2. that’s a nice ass-staff jim

  3. Anyone else see the “Take-Two thinks you’re animals” title?

  4. Other people: “Who would want a Jimquisition at 6am?”
    Me: “Oh boy! 6am!”

  5. take 2-thousand dollars from you.

  6. People DO have to pay to watch this video Jim.
    Internet isn’t free and neither are devices used to access the internet.
    Sick of supposedly smart people thinking the internet is free.
    You live in your mom’s house Jimbo? You fucking clown.
    And the theme song is like auditory diarrhea. Really fucking sloppy and just bad sounding.

  7. Irfan Fakhrianto

    Oh look, a real life Kaneshiro.
    He probably sees everyone as a Walking ATM as well.

  8. Nerdcubed made the same point about the microtransactions. I am now worried for RDR2 after this statement. Shark Cards were egregious and horrible, but they came after the undeniably great single player experience of GTA V. How will Rockstar jam them into a game built from the ground up for this bullshit (RDR2)? Really really hope my fears are unfounded and we at least get a good single player experience. Please Rockstar, I implore you.

  9. 10:09 Cid’s theme from Final Fantasy 7. Such a great song.

  10. henriquedematos

    Finally, an episode that’s (sort of) about the horrible microtransaction shitshow that GTA Online has become! Thank you very much for doing something about this, it’s indeed pretty baffling to see how people seem to ignore how terrible 2K has been for the past half decade. As someone who’s been playing GTAO since the early PS3 days and has tracked a good record of how one of my favorite multiplayer games was progressively transformed into a pointless microtransaction factory, it’s really nice to see you calling them out on their bullshit <3

  11. I remember when new games were always 49.99 and dlc was pretty much non-existent….

    But alas there’s money to be made!

  12. Capitalism was a mistake.

  13. It is now ethical to download and use trainer menus for GTA Online and use them to make money.

    It’s extra insulting because the best performing and, for many anywho, looking cars require up to ten million fun bucks.
    The best paying HEIST, Pacific Standard, nets half a million to the host, without any damage taken by the money transporters, on hard, with 40% payout, which is pretty much the common agreement between friends. Takes about an hour, conservatively if you don’t die, to do. It’s pretty bullshit.

    They don’t regard us as customers. Why should we, those who don’t pay, agree, to their terms if they don’t care about us?

  14. Jimmy's PlaysN'Covers

    I’ll never accept microtransactions in full-priced games. NEVER. It’s a steal, it’s disrespectful and if the publishers don’t understand that, they can go fuck themselves really hard.

  15. I don’t care who calls you petty. GTA Online’s “fee to pay” as you call it was a very light form of “pay to win”. Fuck ’em, I won’t be buying GTA VI if they have this kind of attitude.

  16. You might not have noticed micro transactions in gta, but your brain did.

  17. It saddens me that, in the not too near future, we will have a generation of gamers who never experience games without all the bullshit that has flooded them. Even if the micro-transactions are “cosmetic only”, that’s still content that used to be unlocked just by playing the damn game (without the amount of earnings fizzling out to encourage you to spend).
    Before all this shit, the biggest scams in gaming were some arcade machines…and all they were trying to screw you out of was another 25 cents.

    EDIT: I don’t mean that ALL games have this stuff. I’m saying there are people who will never have experienced the time when NONE of them did.

  18. I’m not suprised by shit like this anymore, very disappointed but not suprised. I have resigned to the fact that executives see us as nothing more than walking money bags minly because they themselves have only a pile of money in place of where their soul should be. What are this parasites doing with all that money anyway, if they didn’t shove it up every orifice they have they could easily afford making games without microtransactions and all the other shit. All they can think about is making money so they can make more money, but for what? What is the point of this? They latch themselves on to this industry and suck the life out of it until it’s nothing but a rotting dry husk and then they go to the next. They are parasites, nothing more, the pus filled boils on the ass of the industry.

  19. I know he’s trying to go for a penguin type walking stick with that rod, but Decades of watching Sailor Moon has trained me to see winged staffs as magical girl implements

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