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Welcome to the Champion Spotlight.

Swain Reveal: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-reveal-swain

Swain Bio & Story: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_/story/champion/swain


  1. The Soviet birdman!

  2. Swain’s not a master tactician anymore because he can’t do quick maths

  3. feelsbadbirdad

  4. I like this new Vladimir remake

  5. RIP Swain. 2010-2018.

  6. They changed him in to vlad wtf

  7. Meh… dumb.
    Old Swain was more unique

  8. I miss Beatrice 🙁

  9. i like this new vladimir update

  10. So does the mind controlling bird just not exist anymore? You know, the entire point of his character.

  11. Its not Swain without Beatrice.
    Where tf is Beatrice, riot?

  12. Previous video: “Noxus is always portrayed as the bad guys, but this is not always true”
    This video: Noxian great general has demonic powers, and rips the souls of his enemies. Ok…

  13. No Beatrice. Sorry Rito 0/10

  14. Lucius Malfoy

  15. Big Swain
    Hold tight Beatrice

  16. So Graves can have a cigar but Swain can’t have Beatrice?

  17. This spotlight feels so rushed.

  18. *_RIP Pimp Walk…_*

  19. There better not be any “do you know da wae?” memes in the next champion spotlight.

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