How to Survive achievement hunting

Here are some tips on the more How to Survive achievements.

Electric skewerKill 8 monsters in a row using electricity
High voltageKill 500 monsters with electricity
Bolts' masterRecharge your electric weapon without using an electric pylon.

These achievements require the “El Diablo islands” DLC. You'll need to craft the electric gun with a Harpoon grip, Tesla coil, Big Fork and a Hardware box. If an amplifier is added, the power of the gun will increase and the number of targets it can hit will decrease. If an capacitor is added, the power of gun will decrease and the number of targets it can hit will increase.

For Bolt's master you will also need an electric jacket by combining a Bulletproof Jacket, Big Fork, Tesla Coil and Fuses. Then, wearing the electric jacket with the electric weapon equipped, get hit by lightning during one of the thunderstorms. The weapon will charge (without harming you) and you will unlock this achievement.

Survival marathonerSurvive the 15th night of the mode “Barricade!”

I found this easiest to accomplish using Abbey and her skills to reduce the fall of food, thirst and sleep as well as her incredible +50% incendiary and explosive damage as well as the amazing +50% damage perk at night. Quick tip: Build an automatic gun turret with Diving tank + short tube + motorbike motor + electric device + hardware.

how to survive abbey

Picky monkeys the 12 secondary quests of Kovac's monkeys.
Monkeys on your backComplete all the monkeys' quests of El Diablo islands

There are already two great steam community guides for the Monkey Quests- with map locations and in game pictures to help you find all the tricky objects:

HerbalistFind the 20 special plants of the Herbarium.

There is already a great steam community guide with map locations of all the plants. Remember: Some of them require you to destroy bushes and go into tiny, “secret” areas to collect.

Collateral damageGet zombies deer to kill 20 Zombies.

As the game progresses you will start seeing zombified deer, who will charge right at you. Line up other zombies in between and the zombie deer will run them down to get to you. Repeat until zombie deer kill 20 zombies.

Glass breakerKill a volcanologist zombie without electricity

The volcanologist zombies are the ones in the hazard suits in the El Diablo DLC. Supposedly only electricity can harm them, but you can actually shoot them in the three times so they fall over and explode.

God of RainComplete the special remote

This is earned as a reward from a bonus given after completing the main story of the El Diablo DLC. You will need to collect 10 electric devices from around the El Diablo islands. They will be in the sheds and safehouses and also rewarded by completing the hidden monkey quests of the DLC.

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