Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents “Terry Bogard”

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Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series and SNK history in this new video presentation!

Learn more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC!

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  1. Joker: i have 11 songs.
    Hero: I only have 8.
    Banjo: I mean, i have 10. How’s that?
    Terry: *laughs in bogard*

  2. ”I wonder why they did not put that character in.” “Let me just look it up… oh, makes sense.”

  3. Chreighton - HisMajesty

    Sakurai: _“She’s so good”_
    **beats her anyway*
    Bayonetta players: _“Buff please”_

  4. “Yeah, but with a power wave?”

  5. “Whoever created this character must be a genius.”
    Character has his feet tied together.

  6. “In other words, she’s a genius.”
    So what you’re saying is she designed that other character you so like.

  7. Sakurai: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is for good boys and girls of all ages. So we decided not to put Mai in.

    Bayonetta: Am I a joke to you?

    Sakurai: *glares* Yes.

  8. Everyone was kind of wondering why Terry was included, considering he isnt nearly as hype as the other dlc characters. But I think from this we can tell it’s because Sakuria seems to be passionate about him, and I personally think that is great. With the amount of fan service thre is in the game, I think it’s great that sakurai chose someone that he personally enjoys.

    • “he isn’t nearly as hype as the other dlc characters”

      *laughs in latinamerica*

    • Raze Box Animations

      @Kenobi Fried Chicken I agree

    • Terry’s inclusion sold me on finally getting a Switch

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  9. Most let’s players: “commentating and playing well is hard”
    Samurai: Plays on high difficulty whilst showing off a character in a detailed way, giving informative descriptions of characters that show up.

    • That’s because, unlike most Let’s Players, Sakurai knows what he’s doing and wants to present the game as best as he can. That, and he’s a professional video game developer, and he’s the producer of this very game.

      Unlike most Let’s Players, who just buy the game and fumble through it to make a quick buck.

    • @THEREALCHEESER I like Netflix. His armor is cool!

  10. I absolutely love how he just nerds out over all of this. Sakurai is such a wholesome person. I adore him!

  11. >he gets to nerd out about his favorite fighting games from back in the day and it counts as work
    Sakurai living the dream

  12. Wow, he actually managed to talk about Terry for 45 minutes.
    Also, I personally don’t mind it being longer. I definitely learned some things from it.

  13. You can tell he’s such a big SNK fanboy. It’s so wholesome to watch.

  14. *someone* “what’s your favorite sitcom to watch?”
    *me* “Sakurai”

  15. “Rising Tackle can be used after other moves, making recovery easier”

    *cries in Meta Knight*


    The translator talks like he’s reading a verae out of the bible

  17. I love how much respect Sakurai has and pays towards SNK (the company that inspired him to create Smash Bros). He truly loves SNK and you can see it with how much detail he put into Terry, the cameos and stage. Sakurai you’re a legend. Much respect to you. ????

  18. “Mai Shiranui can’t be in the game because Smash is only for good children.”

    I agree. It’s Bustah Wolf, not Bustah Nut.

  19. Everyone.
    “Mai wont appear in the game. SHE TO SEXY”

    Real KOF fans

  20. Sakurai: Smash is for good boys and girls

    also Sakurai: *fOr HiS nEuTrAl sPEcial he wields a GUN*

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