1. I think the “flip-hat” guy is Diddy Kong…
    It makes sense that he would be right next to Donkey Kong.

  2. *Somebody once told me that Smash was gonna roll me!*

  3. Alright Nintendo, make this smash as if it’s your last chance to prove yourself. Make history with this smash, break major records

  4. My boy Wolf better come back

  5. Want more? Watch our 1 HOUR discussion here!

  6. Xxgslayz HunterxX

    4:38 could be captain falcon or sheik

  7. 2:40 Captain Toad and a regular Toad, possibly. Looking at the image with that in mind, (captain toad on the left and regular on the right) it fits perfectly

  8. 5:23
    I was thinking it was Greninja; the long thing coming down is its tongue. I can’t find it’s legs nor it’s “ears”, so maybe Nintendo is trying not to make it obvious, but we can see Bowser clearly.

  9. 6:32 that’s shulk, you can see the monando sword which is that circle

    • Ultraman Phòtoñ

      Does that mean no Rex in this game since Shulk is here. No one wants two XBC characters.

      But people sure want 7 FE characters

    • i hope Rex and Pyra are in the game as well. Sakurai said he loved XBC2 so there’s still a chance they are in the game 😀

    • Ultraman Phòtoñ that’s clearly not the full roster bro. XBC has a fan base now. and it’s probably going to add more from the series. I hope they put Rex in there but the reason why there’s so many FE characters is because apparently Sakurai is fucking obsessed with that game. I personally enjoy all the FE characters.

    • What you talking about with xenoblade 2 out they will totally add a second xenoblade character.

  10. Pfft, fake news, want the real answers watch videogamedunkey real analysis. Knack is confirmed baby!!!!!

  11. 8:40 i think its botw zelda

  12. Thats not DK, its Jimmy nutron

  13. You guys are trending!! Woooo! ??

  14. Super Koala Jones

    This is trending wow!!!

  15. Missed Jimmy Neutron :/

  16. Jimmy Neutron, Knack 2, boss baby, Bert, Ernie, etc..

  17. #7 on trending

  18. 2:01 is olimar

  19. Yoshi is on the far left, even farther than pit

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