Super Smash Bros. Live Reaction Switch Reveal – Nintendo Direct @ Nintendo NY

The best version of the live reaction at the Nintendo NY Store reveal.


  1. ThunderCookie101

    This is straight ear rape

  2. Smash for life!! You better be in the front of the Nintendo New York store with CND for this game!

  3. Lmao irving


  5. Irving is crazy as heck for that LOL!!

  6. Nintendo allways semes to smash it at these things

  7. Share this around the world! This is the best version outside of a sourced video for the reaction.

  8. Smash definitely has the most hype fanbase

  9. I hope Nintendo heard this from their office in Japan. THE PEOPLE WANT YOUR GAMES, WE LOVE WHAT YOU DO

  10. THIS GAME ALONE IS PROVE THE SWITCH IS ALREADY THE BEST CONSOLE OF ALL TIME, YOU CAN’T EVEN ARGUE! (This reaction is solid gold perfection by the way)

  11. I love how Irving knew before everyone else.


  13. Triforce this gave me goosebumps omg!

  14. UBF [Unbiased Bucs Fan]

    1:06 I love the temporary silence followed up by even more excitement. Love this reaction so much!

  15. It’s like etika but 3 times louder

  16. So can ya’ll remind me again how the Switch is dead and has no games.

  17. need to go to ny for one of these directs, lord that moment when its revealed its a magical feeling

  18. Sakurai just shared this vid on Twitter and with his entire staff; you have been noticed by the Smash overlord ?

  19. ayee Sakurai posted this reaction on his twitter

  20. Sakurai shared this on his Twitter

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