Super Seducer’s ‘Dating Guru’ Issues Fraudulent DMCA Takedown To Prove He’s A Man

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Super Seducer creator and man Richard La Ruina has a very fragile sense of masculinity, issuing fraudulent DMCA takedowns in order to prove his manhood.

Oh yes… this is an little tale.


  1. If Prank Invasion made a game LOL

  2. This is from the Steam page. It’s really shitty to issue a DMCA after saying this…

    “Streaming/Video Creation Policy: We hereby grant full and unqualified permission to create and monetize videos and streams of Super Seducer, including those that are critical of the game and/or its creator, without any exceptions nor restrictions.”

  3. Sterdust is the only one who is super and can seduce

  4. “La Ruina” means “The Ruin” in spanish.

    Checks out.

  5. For someone who advertises themselves as a ‘Dating Guru’, he comes across as an incredibly unattractive man-child.

  6. Oh lord, why is this a thing?

  7. Pro tip. If you like your job, keep it off your hotspot list for meeting women. In the long run it just causes a shit ton of problems.

  8. In Russia women meet you.

  9. I can’t even… this guy is unreal.
    What a failure at life … if he has to make other people feel like shit because he has no confidence in himself, but is trying so damn hard to prove he does that its obvious he doesn’t, then to me he is no better than the 12 year olds that claim to bang your mum on GTA5 and CoD online. No real power except for a big mouth so they parade their loud voices with nothing to back it up, just making themselves into a hilarious but annoying joke for the rest of us to pity.

  10. He looks like a bloke who would make a “5 ways to get a girl to kiss you” tutorial series just to have the opportunity to kiss a girl he literally paid to do so.

  11. If this is how he handles a negative video, I fear for the life of any girl who rejects the “Dating Guru”

  12. Lol, La Ruina is the last guy that should be giving dating advice w/ a persona like that. What a fragile angry guy ?

  13. Isadora Costa Hamsi

    I watched pro-Jared playing the game. It is disgusting. He keeps talking about mental manipulation, pressuring until they break, no doesn’t mean no, getting them drunk enough so they can’t consent. It is pretty rapyy

  14. A boy who treats women like challenges to be conquered and uses “virgin” as a pejorative is actually a bit of a tosspot?

    Seems about right.

  15. Watching shitty actors pretend to seduce each other is so cringe.

  16. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    How long until this guy becomes a living meme?

  17. I thought that this game looked hilariously bad and I was going to play it just for the laughs.
    But if this guy is such an ass-hat, I’m not so sure that I’ll bother now. Oh well.

  18. Thank God for Jim.

  19. Holy shit thanks Jim!

  20. So he trolls women in order to force them into liking him? lol

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