Super Seducer Cancelled For PS4, Oh Dear

Grim pickup artist has been given the axe on , presumably after somebody at sobered up and saw what they were about to be associated with.


  1. In The Mind of Kibara

    Is it bad that I’m not surprised Sony even CONSIDERED putting it on the PS4?

  2. I love nuts

  3. A shame. Maybe something could’ve actually pretended to work here if this wasn’t made by a complete Super Sedoucher.

    I apologize profusely and for nothing.

  4. I love how Jim is disappointed, disgusted and ruthless towards the “Triple A” industry but will still defend them when it’s not actually their fault every once in a blue moon, that’s the mark of a true gentleman.

  5. Darky McSoulface

    I guess he couldn’t seduce the sony executives…

  6. Absolute nectar.

  7. Alexander Johnson

    Well someone is crying like an anime fan on prom night. Three guesses who.

  8. So Life of Black Tiger is better than Super Seducer. We’ve established that bar, right?

  9. Sooo… can we get Life of Black Tiger out of the store aswell?

  10. Sony using discretion? Where was their restraint when Life of black tiger was a thing?

  11. That… That nut thing was from the real game? Does this man have no self-awareness. Does he not care about how cringy this damn thing is?

  12. So Sony do have SOME standards. They don’t care about quality though 😛

  13. And nothing of value was lost.

  14. This “game” isn’t worthy of sharing a store with a GOTYEY like Life of Black Tiger.

  15. And nothing of value was lost.

  16. I hate how five seconds after people like me say “No, honest, your feminism isn’t being trampled on by men”, you’ve got another Blurred Lines song or Super Seducer game to undermine you like some awful practical joke.

  17. The Ethical Pixel

    Sony denied my game – Super Douche.
    Their loss

  18. Super Seducer is so gay.

  19. The censorship vs quality control argument is bullshit anyway. Sony as a company are allowed to refuse any product to be featured for any reason. If they personally don’t want to feature a game that they think represents views that don’t represent their own, they are legally within their right to not do so.

  20. I’m sure the Anti Feminist/SJW boys and girls are lining up to talk about censorship without even touching the product let alone want to play it anyway. I know I’m gonna get alot of dis but whatever way I see it, it just proves the point.

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