Super Mario Odyssey – New Donk Lessons (Final Jimpressions)


  1. I have not played this game but I googled “golden vegetable mario odyssey” to see what vegetable it was and had the plan of then going to google the exact definition of root vegetable and find out exactly whether or not those golden vegetables were any less or more root than a turnip because you said “it’s a root vegetable nonetheless” in comparison to turnips and I was gonna be all “HAHA! IT’S ACTUALLY LESS THAN!” if it turned out to be the case.

    Anyway, long story short, it turns out they’re turnips. So, um, well, the best laid plans and what not. YOU WIN THIS ROUND JIM!


  2. That ending was a killer!

  3. Georgia Cunningham Lomax

    I’d be intrigued to learn what that spelling out MARIO sequence looks like in Japan. Would anyone happen to know?

  4. Good vid 7 / 7

    I know everybody’s moved on but… Femzoids. FEM. ZOIDS

  5. I bought a Switch just to play this. Worth it. Great antidote to the grittiness of Wolfenstein 2 (also a great game).

  6. I just loved how the only way paulina got lines are by singing. But i love the song. Its called ( Jump up! Super star!) but i kinda was wierded out at the final boss battle after before the end credits there is a song that made it feel like an anime.

  7. While the control scheme is a little limiting, you gotta admit that the controls overall is pretty damn impressive. With all of the different NPCs you can control, it is awesome that the controls work rather well with each one. Also, the camera work is pretty top notch as well. I have always thought that Nintendo done quality work in that department. Like, look at Mario Galaxy with all the whacky levels. Yet, for the most part, you aren’t fighting the camera system. Seems like a hard job that Nintendo seems to nail down with quality.

  8. I have to fundamentally disagree with Jim here…when you have something like 800 moons..its no longer rewarding..its a chore. Mario Odyssey has the classic flaw of Quantity over Quality. I think its safe to say that fewer than 1% of those 800+ moons were TRULY satisfying to obtain.

    That’s not to say Odyssey is a bad game because it isn’t. I think the reviewers who gave it a 7/10 or an 8/10 hit a homerun with this review. Odyssey simply lacks level design/goal polish. It desperately needs the Mario Galaxy 2 treatment where it builds on the concept but gives it some added love and care.

  9. Am I the only one that finds it a little bit creepy that mario can posses people?

  10. I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the end. Good score Jim, good score.

  11. Being 38 I grew up with Nintendo, last console I purchased was the game cube which I loved. The Wii turned me off only cause I was getting older and I went to PC online, but I gotta say the switch is really tempting me, as I miss fun games, I’m getting bored of these super epic 100 million *AAA games that are loot happy with micro transactions etc, I rarely play my PS4 now I’m playing my snes classic more, I think I may convert back to Nintendo ?

  12. Jesus fuck I need to get a Switch.

  13. Christopher Sykora

    Does anybody know what the name of the intro song is?

  14. So what does the “possessing a human” part mean for the soul? Is Mario’s soul taking over their body? Is their soul removed? Where does it go? Is there damage to the soul? Are we turning people evil? Can these people who’ve been possessed enter the afterlife? If we push their soul out, does it definitely return, or when Mario leaves the body is a soulless body walking around? This raises too many metaphysical questions.

  15. I still don’t get the problem with the name JoyCon

  16. you got me real good with that ending hahaha

  17. Imagine if you could consistently find and buy hats. Now imagine you could only throw those hats a certain number of times before they degrade and break. That would be annoying. A feature that would fuck with the flow of an otherwise fantastic game. Maybe Zelda will get it right next time

  18. Excellent review, one of the best I’ve seen. 7/10

  19. 7/10 is kind for this trash

  20. Why is Pauline so big?

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