Super Mario Odyssey (IN 148,777 DOMINOES!)

After 2 months of continuous work here it is, Super Odyssey In !

This is easily one of my personal favorite videos that I’ve done.

For those that don’t know this is a screen link, which means that each clip is created on it’s own, then edited together to make it look like one long setup.



  1. Wow this is so impresive, awsome video!

  2. Makayla's Roblox Adventures

    Yesss! I was waiting for this!!

  3. How I literally have no words for how amazing that is 10 out 10 from me man my god

  4. You must a room with a really big floor


  6. Just imagine trying to clean that

    Fucking hell

  7. NintendoFranchiseDude

    I would hate to clean that up…

  8. Your so good at these!!

  9. This is the coolest video i’ve ever seen

  10. Perfection takes time

  11. Please do Cuphead next!

  12. This…. Was suprisingly painful to watch.

    All that work, all gone D:

  13. You have way too much time on your hands ?

  14. Holy fuck. Just holy fuck, this is amazing

  15. and then there’s me who can’t even make a basic 10 domino chain ;-;

  16. gotta give this man MAD respect for putting this much time, work and effort into this just for the Viewers. Amazing job dude ?

  17. How is this not trending?

  18. Give this man a medal

  19. Everyone Else: “Woah! Amazing domino skills!”

    Me: “Wow that’s a lot of floor space.”

  20. Wow. Just…wow. This is perfect pixel art, every line hand-set, super detailed, it looks…so AMAZING. I can’t believe you would do something like this, it’s absolutely incredible. Hours and hours of work, and it shows. Absolutely fantastic, amazing work.

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