Super Mario Odyssey – Hatters Gonna Hat (Jimpressions)

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isn’t just , it may well be my favorite mainline to date.

Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation):


  1. Where’s Waluigi? I rate this 1/10 for at least being in the same universe as Waluigi.

  2. T H R U S T Y O U R A N U S

  3. Well, you should give it at most 5/10 since it does not have a true game over.

  4. Looking forward to Jim rating it 6/10 “7/10 starting to look pretty good right now, isn’t it?”

  5. Seeing normal-looking people alongside Mario may look disturbing, but there’s a simple explanation. Odyssey takes place in a world where plumbers and humans have diverged in their evolution. While the humans remained on the surface, the plumbers developed shorter bodies to more easily navigate their sewers, and gained special powers from the mushrooms they ate for sustenance.

  6. Gives a new perspective on “mooning”.

  7. This game looks so good. Not to get too political, but a game that’s just joyous and wonderful without taking itself too seriously is something I really needed right about now. Also killing Nazi’s in Wolfenstein is good too. Both are good plays this year.

  8. Nintendo recycling games for 30 years, and people are still fine with that.


    I’d like to point out that “Hatters gonna Hat” was already done by Yahtzee for Hatfall

  10. Im suprised Nintendo hasn’t copywrite struck this yet ??

    Edit: Apparently it was ???. Wow.

  11. I’m sure someone else has said this already, but there are some costumes locked behind a paywall. Every mario character amiibo has a costume exclusive to them that you can unlock by scanning said amiibo

  12. I was almost hoping you’d flash a big 7/10 up on the screen at the end of the video.

  13. Jim, you should totally copyright strike Nintendo for wearing the STER-STAR outfit as that is clearly copyright infringement. 😉

  14. so… from 1:02 where mario switches from 3d to 2d…. how exactly does this enhance the gameplay. I mean the same scene could have been done with ledges. if this is inovative design, well then… need I say anymore? Its a bit crap isn’t it. Just think on that. is this style of design repeatd in the game? I mean if it is, we’re talking 4/10 territory.
    Wait so possesion is .. what was that game? Messiah was it? You play a short fat baby type figure in that game. Odd that they’d make a game like that.

  15. TECHNICALLY There are real money costumes through amiibo scanning, but you are paying for a toy first and foremost with in-game benefits. I only like amiibo because they are super cool collectible toys, the scanning aspect is just a bonus perk you get out of something you would have bought otherwise because they are super cool (I want squishy metroid and Mipha from breath of the wild amiibo!)


  17. This game was ok.

  18. Maybe…just maybe our lost but much loved Nintendo are back on track and headed to that elusive No 1 spot again… i hope so as i have soooo many great memories with them…

  19. Let the lewding of that rabbit beginn

  20. Considering how good the game is, I give it 8/11.

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