Super Mario Odyssey 7/10 SHOCKER!

’s most devoted followers are so highly strung, a poorly photoshopped image of a will get them screaming.

As subreddits talk of death threats, the alleged reviewer’s having a pretty big laugh.


  1. “Most games benefit from having some gays in them” -Jim Sterling 2017

  2. This game is a solid 8/10 for me really.
    It’s not the end all, but it’s a good game never the less.

  3. Wait, halt, why’d you stop making reviews? You made very competent reviews 🙁

  4. Was going to relate nintendo JP to Hitler and his crew being the fans… then they called you Hitler.
    Nintendo JP fanatics… go back to ISIS, learn some better terrorism skills.
    And take that flimsy, self-destroying junk you call a portable console with you.

  5. My lord, atleast the majority of us manage to maintain some brain cells. Fucking hilarous video though :’)

  6. Actual review system:
    7: Better than average
    5: Average, some good but some bad
    3: Poor game, needs serious work.
    1: Barely functional, nothing good at all.

    Metacritic review system:
    10: Good game
    9: Average game
    8: Shit game
    7-1: DEFAMATION!

  7. Dam, enough money to buy a Boglin? Thats a good paycheck for such little work.

  8. Where do you buy bogglins? I was thinking about getting them as Christmas gifts for the family

  9. Stupidity at its finest. Loving that Dynasty Warriors background music.


  11. Every Nintendo fan I know is a big weirdo. Not surprised by this.

  12. I think I want one of them Jim shirts.

  13. Why is the “Jim is a SJW” meme still so prevalent? What has he done to earn that? Yes he’s kinda liberal (he’s a brit) but he’s never done anything outrageous and his game journalism is fairly moderate.

  14. jim, u have officially become a fuckin legend…. thank fuckin god for u…
    u are the greatest

  15. hahaha I knew I’d see a video about this

  16. What’s the song in the background called? I can already tell it’s from Shin Megami Tensei, right?

  17. Do people really act like this? How, just how?

  18. Not sure which is lower Nintendo’s age rating for their games or the IQ of the mega fans of nintendo .
    It is good trolling though have to hand it to them for riling up the idiots.

  19. I love when Nintendo Zealots have a burning fire up their ass. Time to buy a fucking t-shirt.

  20. Giving SMO a bad metacritic review just to piss off the fanboys now!

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