Super Mario Maker – Checkpoint!

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  1. Oh nice! Thank you so much for adding this update. It’ll definitely help me
    make my levels even longer without worrying about the player getting mad
    about having no checkpoints. It’s something small but it can really make a
    difference. Keep the updates coming!

  2. I wonder what super marios bros and mario bros 3 checkpoints are going to
    look like?

  3. deberían de poner de 2 jugador

  4. Antonio Cárdenas Hernández

    love the game, just a little dissapointed cause the effects of the enemies
    don’t apper in Mario WiiU style (goombas jump, koopa dance, transitions to
    change side, etc.). Depite of this, Good game!

  5. Half Of these comments are just asking for more stuff jeez at least they
    listen unlike most companies (more megaman capcom plz)

  6. Metal_Horror_Gamer

    thank u for adding check points. alot of maps need them. plus i hope later
    on you add an update that lets us add water without it being an underwater

  7. Fangkiu

  8. add the wierd football guy from super mario world

  9. Time to delete all my level and reupload with check point :D

  10. Nice Update, but i hope there will be more Updates in the Future, like one
    with Slopes =)

  11. That was really smart off the way to get better powerups as big Mario

  12. Horgan BOSS gaming

    hon Ireland

  13. Can you put a 3ds vision because it have a touch screen okay Nintendo

  14. I Tried But I Cant

  15. Nintendo you is AWESOME

  16. Glad to see Nintendo are making the right improvements and additions –
    Quite looking forward to this update!

  17. Next add deserts, beaches, jungles, and mountains regions.

  18. Even though I don’t have Super Mario Maker yet, I have heard a lot of
    people suggest that a checkpoint feature should be added. These updates
    seem great. Good job on listening to your consumers’ complaints, Nintendo!

  19. Good to see that DLC is a thing! also checkpoints?! brilliant, thanks for

  20. George Gangstarropoulos

    Awesome and amazing updates ;D!

  21. The Sailor Inkvader

    am I the only one who didn’t care about checkpoints

  22. neweriwantmuffins453

    our prayers have been answered

  23. why do púeople even dislike this ?!?!? who wouldnt want checkpoints ?!?!?!

  24. This should have been in the game from the start tbh

  25. CHECK POINTS! nice NICE!

  26. gamingwithkamil and windows w/kamil



  28. Great ! Thanks Nintendo !

  29. Slopes. Add slopes, please. Slopes.

  30. Super Saiyan God Gogeta ゴジータ

    Still don’t own this game.

  31. The_Enderlord _249

    koopalings? :(

  32. we need more updates for this game! can’t wait!!!

    *** I really wish the muncher wouldn’t spawn the gnat game tho.. what
    happened to white munchers or the fire spitting versions?… they were fun

  33. Hey about time. But I still want slopes and I want different themes like
    Beach, Desert, and Snow. Also, put some Christmas stuff on it. I also want
    fall theme and a spring theme, where the trees are pink and blooming and in
    the fall where the trees are yellow, brown, and red.

  34. Guys, I just realized what the checkpoint in the SMB style will look like!

  35. If only the mystery switches were more functional. For example, activation
    would cause blocks and/or coins to appear, reveal entrances/exits, and make
    entities appear. Also, there should be zones where upon entering, an event
    would occur (make blocks appear, etc.).

  36. MercifulUser32 2.0

    I wish they added new super mario bros on the day would be a be theme! Like
    if you agree

  37. What about Ryu and Roy costumes?

  38. Oh thank god

  39. These people frickin stole gamexplain’s video

    im flagging for copyright!

  40. play my level 6234-0000-00AF-0926

  41. Sooooo, when’s the next smash bros Dlc?

  42. The first 2 should’ve been in the game to begin with.

  43. Meta Knight (The Forces Of Nature)


    Now plz make a direct and I will hail you as my lords

  45. i love u nentendo

  46. Checkpoints and the old mushroom/flower system! So glad these must have
    features got added. Next expectations: Slopes, more world types, and music

  47. Jamie “Sir Jimmers” Hodge

    Looks great, can’t wait!

  48. Good job nintendo

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