Super Mario Cereal!

Opening up the new Super and tasting it with my friends!

Thanks to Nintendo for sending me this to check out!


  1. Paper Airplane Challenge

    S.E.X Inbox now

  2. early squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love how much Justine’s personally shines through in her videos. I feel like that’s something all of us as creators want to do, but she does it better than any of us!!

  4. Pencil Sharp//TheOriginalMiners

    Mario is epic nice video!

  5. Its a green mushroom

  6. Wow 8 views 307 likes 😮

  7. That was no Yoshi egg it was a one up mushroom 🍄 lol

  8. Is ijustine really 30 something years old?

  9. Poor Luigi misses out again!!😂😂😑

  10. Things just got cereal!

  11. Justine is the type of girl to catch cereal on fire.

  12. Super Video iBABY

  13. We’re unboxing cereal now? That’s what we are doing now?

  14. I just got cereal just for this video

  15. Who make a cereal unboxing?

  16. wait i’m like 99.2% sure that I’ve already seen the unboxing video for the amiibos… probably different youtuber even though I remember seeing Justine XD yeah I think it was someone else

  17. I have the same sweatshirt!

  18. “OMG These are little yoshi eggs”
    *pulls out a 1up mushroom*
    “Yeah they’re Yoshi eggs”
    Love it! 😂😂😂

  19. *I thought you only upload Videos about Apple Products*
    *The Products that starts with an Vowel i*
    *That’s why even your own Name starts with Vowel i*

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