Super Mario Bros Recreated as Life Size Augmented Reality Game

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Super Bros meets Augmented Reality in this crazy life sized first person experience! I recreated the iconic first level, dressed up as Mario and then played it in Central Park (NYC). Built in Unity3D for the Microsoft Hololens.

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  1. Let’s a go!

  2. First of all, this is absolutely amazing, and frick you’re so talented. Second of all, you should add a pipe you can go down and into the cave area.

  3. prepare to get sued

  4. Cheater is going sideways tsk tsk tsk

  5. Kathleen Hawkins

    Hello! I’m a producer at BBC Click and would love to use this for our news this week, is that ok? Can credit. Thanks!

  6. It’s very cool. Good luck you.

  7. Stephen McVicker

    It’s shit but good at the same time

  8. Christiana Thanou


  9. those people around you must think you’re high af

  10. That unity logo 2:22

  11. So how long before I can strap on a pair of glasses, walk all around New york city thinking I am in Fallout VR?

  12. The Price Is Right

    Amazing, loved it!

  13. Никитос Чё

    по началу не понимал, почему он не залазает на ступеньки и на трубы

  14. to bad you can’t run and jump

  15. This isn’t very good. If other people were turned into Goombas and Troopas, then maybe.

  16. Chinese Electric Batman

    This is awesome, but i still cannot stop laughing as he walks around the pipes. XD

  17. Dude, so awesome! But you should narrow the width so you have to follow the same line as the obstacles

  18. Matthias J. Déjà

    Tried a speedrun – broke both legs.

  19. doesn’t look fun just nostalgic. still great job!!

  20. This is amazing, great work!

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