SUPER DUNGEON BROS. – Hack n’ Axl n’ Slash

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A rock-themed with very little rock… and potential elements.


  1. almost thought this was going to be one of those excruciating “8bit” games

  2. The way people defend AAA devs will always tickle me the wrong way

  3. Boy this looks…generic

  4. Calling the characters “bros” is the worst idea anyone has ever had.

  5. Forgets he has an ultimate. Classic Jim

  6. This reminds me of spiral knights a bit

  7. As others have said…this game is currently free for gold subscribers on
    XBox Live. The odd, long load times mixed with the fee-to-pay elements of
    this game makes it a pretty shitty game in my opinion. I realize I am
    getting to play the game for free, but…this game won’t be free that long.

  8. It’s properly pronounced ee-jis (ˈējis) if anyone cares.

  9. Went to heavy with the rock aesthetic. That was just ugh.

  10. Stronghans McIronuts

    The game itself is about $19.00 with two unrelated DLCs for $1.99 and one
    free add-on that gives you female characters.

    Not really a problem to me.

  11. Didn’t you do a greenlight trailer for this one? I feel like I’ve seen this
    game and heard your voice on it before…

  12. Did you not realize that enemies respawn if you remain in the same area for
    too long?

  13. Luciano Gil (Gilmez)

    Spotted jessica Rabbit at 10:14

  14. Lars should be able able to wield a trash can as a weapon.

  15. Torchlight 2 costs the same as this crap and is far, far better at pretty
    much everything this game is trying to do.

  16. The “a” is silent in aegis. You pronounce it like “E-Jiss”

  17. the only thing worse then people who defend triple A games are the people
    who convinced themselves indie games can do no wrong and will argue to the
    death about it

  18. What’s the game w/ the Bard he was talking about? Was it WazHack? I’m not
    seeing much on his channel to do with spoony types else…

  19. So… selling the soundtrack to your game is now somehow a bad thing? I’m a
    musician and I’d be pretty miffed if I couldn’t do that.

  20. Feel like Jim dropped the ball on this game.

    1. Download music is much better than DLC. Hell, public domain music is
    2. Multiplayer, you did not get into a game you don’t know how horrible it
    is. If a person drops the whole game is over or crashes to desktop.
    3. Multiplayer – People don’t follow along, they pick each other up and try
    to get that achievement for throwing off the edge.
    4. Very hard to progress, makes you want to just lay down the money to get
    the weapons.
    5. No XP – In a game like this you should get XP and level up. Or at least
    keep the gold you earned.
    6. AI balance is all over the place, clearly not tested much.
    7. Single player is almost pointless.
    8. Default controls have trigger for hack? Are you kidding. Arthritis
    warning. Luckily you can change it.
    9.The voice over work is atrocious! The random chants they say are poorly
    written and executed. Terrible.
    10. Multiplayer- There are parts where you need teammates to press button
    for bridge, good-luck.
    11. No mic support multiplayer
    12. No auto loot / attract coins.
    13. Hardly any health pickups.
    14. No incentive to play again once you die.
    15. Could not be more generic if Mandy Moore was in it.
    16. Combat is not satisfying, weak sound effects.
    17. Ridiculous achievements.
    18. Long load times.
    19. Anybody that says ‘bro’ needs to be taken out back and shot.
    20. What’s up with all the spongebob like laughter?

    This is the worst Xbox Live Gold game every released by far! Grade = F

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