Studio Killer EA Acquires Respawn Entertainment For Over $400 Million

Welp, we’ll always have Titanfall 2, even if EA screwed THAT up on its own end.

Anyway, RIP Respawn Entertainment. Given EA’s history, you just signed up for your eventual
Kotaku Article:


  1. I really liked Titanfall it felt somewhat new and just … fun, but it had its problems. Then they improved it with the second one. They listened to the player base, made a campaign and overall improved the gaming experience.


    Known for not improving anything, but destroying pretty much everything just to make as much money as they can before they let a franchise die, as soon as it shows any kind of downward trend.

    Well … RIP my hope of ever getting an even better Titanfall 3 and RIP Respawn Entertainment

  2. Someone should make an EA simulator, where you buy studios, fuck them up and then execute them graphically.

  3. Can’t help but feel Respawn see’s some kind of writing on the wall and knows it can’t do much more with the company, sell the thing and get as much as they can out of it. Titanfall 2 being “blah” in sales and not holding up so well, they might just want to move on and get as much as they can out of it. Just a thought. Something we may never know the answer to.

  4. I can already hear ea loading the shotgun.
    (edited to remove upper case ea because ea doesn’t deserve upper case letters)

  5. Well, TF3 is fucked. It’s gonna have DLC, microtransactions, and lootboxes. Rip Respawn

  6. They won’t Respawn after this

  7. 2019: Respawn will release Titanfall 3. It will “fail to meet sales expectations”.
    2020: Respawn will be moved to making MoH.
    2022: Respawn will be shitcanned.

  8. Kristian K. Kirilov

    Ser..EA..l killer

  9. Hello to Titan fall loot crates… I mean loot boxes.

  10. John Christian Basiloña

    A moment of silence for Respawn Entertainment:

    *FOUNDED: April 12, 2010*

  11. Inb4 arbitrary Star Wars title starts development, doesn’t appear too monetizable and studio gets AT-AT’d

  12. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Welp, R.I.P Respawn. EA will milk every little penny out of you and throw you in the dumpster in two years like they did with all the other companies they sucked dry. You had a good run.

  13. I’m pressing f to pay my respect


  14. >we’ve been fucked by the giant publisher (Activision)
    >let’s sign with another giant publisher

    Is Vince Zampella this stupid

  15. They wont respawn anymore

  16. EA: “I’m bigger than you, I’m higher on the food chain! GET IN MAH BELLY!”

  17. A joke about Unicron, lmao

  18. Oh no Unicronic arts striles again.

  19. Jim any chance you could take a look at Need For Speeds loot boxes or “shipments” and tell us what you think. Where do they stand on the fucktarded Loot Box scale ?

  20. EA…. Eating Ass again huh…

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