Struggle Meals Pt 18 and PS4 Giveaway

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  1. First

  2. First and also,WTF ARE THESE MEALS BRUH

  3. None of y’all are first. The only person who’s first to this vid is Fresh himself!

    Also, Done.

  4. SQUADDDD I know y’all love struggle meals so here’s another one! Also don’t forget to follow the steps and sign up for Holonis for a chance to win the PS4

  5. You know that person that you pretty much already know that their video is going to be good, so you already thumb it up and recommend it to people before you even watch it? FreshPrinceYuup is that person. =D

  6. 0:20 – 0:27
    Too true. LOL!

  7. If I had to pick anything out of this list to eat, I would have to go with the salad. At least salads are healthy, and it looks somewhat normal.

  8. Last time I was this early, tide pods weren’t being used as pixie sticks…

  9. It always hurts to see people commit crimes against perfectly innocent chicken. When did half raw or day-glo colored chicken parts become a thing?

  10. The beginning, though…???

  11. Keep up with the good content bro

  12. “I’ll be checking” I heard that with an evil voice for some reason. lol

  13. 0:05 – 0:08
    So basically, it is a neo-Nazi or alt-right sandwich. lol

  14. Food lokin like a sna- oh fuuu get that away from me

  15. Did someone dislike the video?! looks one of these culinary failures watched the video.

  16. All these dishes are crimes against humanity.

  17. “The “Get Out” plate… you need this as evidence.”??

  18. The gangster in Berleezy

    I’m here for the struggle meal giveaway.

  19. These plates make my eyes hurt ??

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