Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Falke Gameplay Trailer | PS4

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Falke, the Guardian Hawk, vaults into Street Fighter V: on April 24! With the ability to Infuse Psycho Power into her staff, Falke keeps opponents at range before swooping in.

Falke is the third Season 3 character, with Cody, G and Sagat still to come in 2018!


  1. LetsPlaySagaraStyle

    Eat your heart out Rolento!

  2. Maybe she’s the daughter of M. Bison?!

  3. Not that impressing

  4. what happened to lilly kane lol

  5. Female edition of rolento with psycho power.

  6. I want Cody nowwww

  7. This is yall heen waiting for ?? trash just give me cody

  8. Reminds me of that guy from guilty gear with the snooker cue and balls.

  9. “HEY HEY HEY !!!” oops wrong series lol

  10. McNamara/Troy4life


  11. She looks amazing

  12. Her Super is a little bland, but the rest looks fun. Looking forward to modding her Battle Costume.

  13. Her martial art technique is absolutely brilliant style with lightstick ^_^

  14. That super looked so dead, what’s with all these boring Supers lately?

  15. Eh I prefer Rolento still

  16. she looks pretty dope
    like some kind of female Kilik with Deadshot keep away game during VT
    her shoots seem to have some pretty decent pushback on it
    Swag stuff by capcom
    Infiltration will be happy, now his SFV waifu edition is finally complete lol

  17. Booriiing..


  19. I do like her and all that and she kinda seem fun…but why does she look so stiff in her animations? i would have thought NRS made her.

  20. Didn’t expect her to basically have a rifle!

    Look forward to BONKING everyone in the cast with her CA.

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