streamer btws are getting stronger

streamer btw
fortnite battle royale

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  1. ninja isn’t an underage girl

  2. Only people with notis will see this.

  3. Berleezy’s Df Face

    Daddy Daniel May I Have Some Oreos?

  4. When you’re with your homies and someone tells you a joke. 0:12

  5. *Stop scrolling for a sec* ✋

    Give my music a listen if u wanna hear something different. Tell me what u think ?

    *(Iikē if u didn’t scroll past this)*

  6. 2 views… 300 likes… 281 comments…

    *_Okay YouTube_*

  7. This is your bank account

  8. Don’t even think abaot that

    You are the best

  9. My dad was a streamer btw..

    So I killed him!!

  10. Don’t you hate it when people ask you to like your comment to get good luck

    You thought I was going to ask for a like?

    Like this thanks!☺

  11. Ninja is a premature girl not an underage one

  12. Be my first like ?

  13. but daniel is a streamer to

  14. This is your pp size in inches

  15. Blaming streamers for killing but you are a streamer as well 9999999 iQ play. Right there

  16. ʟᴜɴᴀᴛɪᴄ

    Well…you havent tried eu servers yet 😉

  17. It really is an epidemic

  18. *It all started when drake followed an under-aged girl*
    me: *dies*

  19. Daniele is stealing David Dobiks jokes this is channel 69 and now live with Daniele

  20. can you teach us how to get minecraft for free

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