A few friends got together on the most important day of history and honked at , , AnthonyKongphan and Ninja.

If the devs read this, please make the horn louder. It is too quiet, I want the whole map to know our wrath.

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Check out all the streamers in the video and a big thank you to them for being good sports.

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  1. Can i jungle with ?

    Didnt expect anything more than dumb kids waisting their time

  2. Out of curiosity, what’s the age of each of you? I mean sure it can be funny at first, but this is basically just harassment. Other than that, the actual video was really well made.

  3. Holy shit. These guys are a bunch of pussies. They earn so much money from streaming this game and are whining about a few guys honking at them. Get a real job and maybe then you will have something to whine about. They are just so pathetic.

  4. hmmm well you already know grimmzz will be sending this video to the devs

    ban inc

  5. pathetic losers get a life

  6. This is really dumb and immature. You’re fucking with people that do this for a living who’s job it is to entertain people and provide game play. Pretty lame.

  7. great video editing was top notch, relax with the kiddy giggle tho. like the funny part is the streamers reaction, idk why you’re giggling n shit while doing it

  8. Who’s a bigger bitch Grimmz with his faggot ass Steven Seagal haircut or Ninja the public masturbator

  9. Bunch of retard kids, I hope u all get ban

  10. Holy shit those guys are such fucking babies. They are streamers, they are willingly giving up their rights to privacy in game while doing so. They should expect this shit to happen. If it’s that bad set it to a delay. Doc doesn’t seem to mind that much.

  11. It honestly shocks me how many people support this.

    Imagine you are all alone playing the game but someone purposely goes out of their way to focus you, join your queues, or kill you (obviously not what these guys were trying to do, but there are the killing streamsnipers out there.) Most people would get mad at that. Unfortunately the reddit circlejerk hivemind has turned against these streamers calling them pussies and bitches for complaining about guys purposely going out of their way to annoy them? Are you serious?

    I don’t watch any of the guys in the stream, but seriously guys it’s basic human nature to be pissed off at people doing this.

  12. I’m not even fans of these streamers, but you’re fucking assholes, fucking stop.

  13. literally a 90seconds delay fixes 99% of this problem. It’s not like they are mega into reading the chat while they play

  14. DrDisrespect had the right attitude, while Ninja and MrGrimmmz did not.

  15. Yo this video really only in 360 fuckin pixels?

  16. The funniest part about this is that these streamhonkers probably have more fun in the game than anyone else; they were in hysterics doing this. Punkass Grimmz & co. having no sense of humour, smh, trying to get people banned because they’re having fun. How toxic can you be?

  17. Don’t stop this shit is funny asf! Fuck them whinny ass pussies

  18. As far as trolling goes this is fairly mild – and props to DRDISRESPECT for taking it in stride with mostly good natured grins.

  19. Haha Dr at the end mocking them saying they have no life…

    Full-time streamer.


  20. Bro like its so god fucking damn funny why would it be annoying fucking pussies

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