Stream highlights 2016-04-14

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I didn’t have any internet while editing this video, so I used some default windows songs that I found in My Music folder :^)




  2. I was expecting just anivia plays i am disappoint

  3. Dont use the music that is already on the computer from the start, other
    than that awesome!

  4. Seba Yáñez (Maggard)

    Twisted Fate tilted hard LOL

  5. MACINTOSH PLUS - リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー

    Is that the famous grash goret featured at the end?

  6. I’m a diamond Anivia main as well love your plays. Please tell me, where do
    you get those enemies. They seem so much easier than mine :)

  7. nice lux bindings :)

  8. Articuno I choose you !

  9. Finally someone who uses prehistoric Anivia skin! Great excellent work!

  10. The sunfire teemo thing looool

  11. idk something in me says you are a douche

  12. Well… All I can say is that this guy really knows his limits very well!

  13. I want to see how long it took Renekton to realise!

  14. that renekton clip rofl

  15. this is so cringe lol

  16. TriteHD [FREE Skins]

    That boosted views

  17. You kinda look like pronax

  18. Nice, my favorite was the tf who tilted and
    insta-tp’d-back-to-lane-and-went-all-in 🙂 Love players like that!

  19. RIP TF you fucked up his day for sure

  20. Impressive stuff.

  21. wanted to see the end of the intense teemo vs renek 1v1 xD

  22. oh man should i do it= 666 subcribers fuckt it now 667

  23. hahahahahah I died when renekton couldn’t recall and didn’t know why

  24. haha so good!

  25. His face at 0:55 – when you’re on a winning streak

    His face at 0:57 – when you’re on a losing streak

  26. what song did you use for intro/outro?

  27. Really nice moments there. Poor TF though :P

  28. ARTICUNO PogChamp

  29. Bring more, dude :)

  30. That renek must’ve been so confused haha XD

  31. 0:45 do you really enjoy listening to those sample music that comes with

  32. How do you cast your abilities so quickly?

  33. what’s the song at the end? good video d00d

  34. Intro song????

  35. maybe the first one was a play, the rest was average gameplay ?

  36. this was great. i think i’m in love ;3

  37. What headset do you use? I’m the the market for a new one

  38. Could i use that TF clip for like 15sec in my own stream highlight? I will
    credit you ofc.

  39. why is this reddit frontpage wtf

  40. Outro Song?

  41. hey thats me at 1:05

  42. waiting for the I was the renekton main in the ” I am a Swedish Anivia
    main” video AMA reddit post

  43. what happened in the end with the renekton that couldnt recall?

  44. Hey Trizze 🙂 Do you have an email I could contact you on in regards to a
    partnership opportunity? Thanks!

  45. Ah, the classic reddit pain train. Ignore the dislikes and focus on real
    constructive criticism in the comments. Good luck in the future.

  46. how do you manually place the w on smart cast without having to actually
    press the button

  47. The intro and outro sound like I heard them in Noein from the ost, or am I
    just hearing things.

  48. This guy is really bad, tps back and dies not before wasting flash

  49. that lee sin flash at 0:38 ………..

  50. Nice video really liked it, keep doing stuff like this:)

  51. Can you do an Anivia build/masteries guide?

  52. Jesus David Figuera

    Nice plays but anivia still cancer bro

  53. hey m8 I’ve seen you a few times in yoloq

  54. Sick sample music xD

  55. Finally a reddit plays video with actual good plays.

  56. nice video man. greetings from me ( renek player) :)

  57. what do you thin of anivia with roa + tear?

  58. Do I hear Ninja Tuna at 46 seconds?

  59. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    good shit man subscribed

  60. outro song? D:

  61. it mentally hurts me seeing u play on normal cast..

  62. XDDDDD

  63. I think the TF was the famous e-sports athlete Grash Goret

  64. make more of these please


  66. Why u take my name brah?


  68. Tilted fate.

  69. Froggen is back, gg

  70. that tf omg

  71. That teemo clip rofl

  72. Nice vids, can we please have the song name @ 0:57 ? Thanks

  73. Trizze go NA plz QQ

  74. denmark is better

  75. EU Twisted Fate

  76. Nice plays and good video 🙂 Like it, but I think Anivia is one of the most
    noobiest champ ever. But keep going.

  77. BingeGaming dotTV

    that sunfire teemo was great

  78. not sure why would anyone dislike this… jeez so salty.

  79. You g2 stop saying boom so much.

  80. how can u play such a boring champ and think the vids are in any way

  81. I’m confused how rit thinks anvia is balanced

  82. That lux binding over the wall was dope

  83. I’m also a swedish Anivia main, you dare steal my job?!

  84. Clash with Fly l Learn 2 Clash

    92 dislikes think they can play anivia better,

    hint, they cant ;)

  85. you are everything whats wrong with the world. i bet you play ahri, cass,
    and malzahar too dont you. freelo aids champs

  86. That lee sin lol

  87. Make more plz 😀 They are good

  88. Song during the Lux clip?

  89. a cutie + high elo!?!?!?!

  90. That last TF though…

  91. gg teemo

  92. just here for the flame ass chat , heard euw is toxic af

  93. Tbh you’re actually really good.
    I really like that 1v4 play with Gragas :D

  94. “ANIVIA MAIN” Shows clips from mainly everything else. Nice click bait,
    karma whore title. Douche.

  95. At 0:25 whats the song track?

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