Steam’s Summer Sale Event Was Confusing And Accidentally Screwed Over Some Indie Games

Steam’s Summer Sale was a bit confusing thanks to its Grand Prix event, a convoluted team-based “race” where users would pool together and try to beat rivals.

The rules were not clear, and as well as everyone boosting Team Corgi ahead, they started deleting games from their wishlists.

Because Grand Prix participants could be awarded free games from their wishlists, it was believed the prize pool could be streamlined by pruning said lists. This is not the case, but a number of games saw themselves deleted from wishlists in large numbers.

While Valve has now clarified, the damage is done, as indies find yet another reason to be concerned about Steam.

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  1. Steam Cleaner vs. Surprise Mechanic… book it Vince, err, Jim!

  2. _Do we even know what gabe looks like anymore? Are we 100% certain he isn’t on some kind of money-powered golden throne like 40K?_

  3. I’m glad it wasn’t only me, I had no idea what was going on with the grand prix shit, just show me the sales.

  4. Also I laughed myself stupid at Team Corgi. Of course they’re going to win. Cute woofers for the win!

  5. Can’t we just have a simple summer sale, or at least have Valve just buy everyone a corgi?

  6. Yeah, I joined Team Corgi because … well, I wasn’t going to work out the rules of this dumb game and why make it more complicated than joining the team in the lead?

  7. Jim should cover the Activision/Treyarch abuse of their QA contractors next. Absolutely disgusting ppl running that company

  8. I still think the best steam summer sale was the one with the clicker game, everything since then has just been more confusing than it ever should be

  9. I always liked steam sales’ minigames. But I saw this and couldn’t care less.
    Also corgis are overpowered.

  10. I chose Team Corgi because they were already in first… why wouldn’t I lol. All I really care about are the prices anyway, I barely even acknowledge the gimmicks of these sales.

  11. The real issue is that WISHLISTING AFFECTS VISIBILITY?! why?!

  12. Didnt even know steam was doing a sale, thanks Jim~

  13. The biggest problem is there’s no cat team ?

  14. “Ironically an underdog” got a giggle. Couldn’t stop myself.

  15. What was that pixel stealth game that Jim used bits of the trailer from? The one where you can throw fire at people

  16. I didn’t pick a team, I just bought games. Then steam showed my purchases going to corgi. So for me at least corgi was apparently the default.

  17. I didn’t realize this race was happening. Mostly because the link to it in the store was broken almost every time I got on.

  18. Sarasaland Subserviant

    Steam Grand Prix.
    Might as well be Valve’s Wacky Races.

  19. 1st Class Toaster

    I, personally, am in favour of this sale because of how it finally gave the achievements I’ve accrued over the years some resemblance of a usage.

    Also, Corgi. Objectively one of the best doggy breed, next to the minipoms, rottweilers and whatever dog breed my next door neighbor has.

  20. Team Corgi is the Mercedes Formula 1 of Steam

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