Steam Needs To Axe Shithead Developers (The Jimquisition)

Let’s not beat about the bush. can fix ’s nastiest problem, but it involves showing some authority.

Valve may hate to put the boot down, but if you want to stop having Digital Homicides, Dentolas, or Fun Creators, you need to look at their , not the they’re making.

Bonus Content: Life Haxz with


  1. these videos remind me that its monday


  3. Did you go to the hospital for the claws? Are you transpecies?

  4. The All in one gamer

    he might be back but his illness has taken both of his hands. Can video game developers survive crab sterling

  5. Thank god for Jim’s Gall Bladder pain, it made us appreciate him even more, Thank god for Mother Sterling #MotherStrong #SaveOurTroops

  6. Nikodimos Tsagklis

    Open video.
    See Jim has upgraded himself with crab hands.
    Press like button.
    Proceed to watch rest of video.

  7. I can’t help but think that Steam is pretty much ruining the gaming industry. Steam itself for doing and allowing this shit to happen. I have no idea how PC gamers think this shit is tolerable for a big company like Steam to do.

  8. Last time I was this early Jim still had his gallbladder

  9. Today in shitty game developers and publishers: Albion online official release date was today, July 17th.. They just didn’t tell anyone launch day was only for people who paid $100 for early access. Launch day 2 is fo people who paid $60, and Launch day 3 is for people who paid $30… Actual public release day is July 20th.

  10. Nathanael Paxevanos

    I remember when Steam got in trouble with the Australian courts because they had no refund system in place. People defended Steam and even suggested that Australia should not be allowed on Steam anymore because of it. This is why I have trouble talking with people and why people have trouble talking with me, because I defended the courts because it made sense to have refunds, whilst everyone else thought it was shit

  11. I just realized, Jim is the lost son of Eric Bischoff. “Controversy creates cash.” Aside from the cash part, that’s totally Jim.

  12. TheLegendaryVGA96

    Glad to see you are ok and back at it Jim. As a medicine student who studied the gall bladder recently I know how much that thing fucking hurts and how dangerous it is.

    Keep going strong, and give them bastards the shit they deserve.

  13. The All in one gamer

    aright I know this is off topic but can we talk about Jim using a Britney spears song as background music BTW the song is toxic I had to look it up

  14. The pain of childbirth is nothing compared to the disappointment they cause when they grow up.

  15. Man, Jim is looking crabby today.

  16. Don’t be fooled, Valve replaced Jim’s brain when he visited. He’s now that guy with a valve on his head.

  17. You’re still not looking at the problem.
    The problem isn’t shit games. The problem isn’t shit developers.

    The problem is Valve. This isn’t the first bad program that was terribly executed, and it wasn’t the last.
    Valve has shown little remorse in doing things that have been bad for consumers and the industry itself. They don’t care.
    They care about adding something that’ll help make more money because it want ALL the money.

    They are a husk of their former selves, though I would go so far and state that they were NEVER the company that cared about the industry or consumers that people think or thought they were. They were a company the realized they could be the Walmart of digital PC gaming and is now a juggernaut that will throw everyone and anyone under the bus rather than take any level of responsibility or spend any level of money to actually maintain a level of fucking quality.

    Hell, they showed how little they give a shit with consumers by dragging their feet with return policies until the EU finally forced their hand. After companies like CD Projekt Red and EA, FUCKING EA, added return policies to their services.

    VALVE is the problem. VALVE. IS. THE. PROBLEM.

    Yes, I will cede that they are trying to make things better, but if history is anything to show, they will half-ass it and more than likely make the situation worse.

  18. Now imagine the pain of giving birth to a crab baby

  19. Justice J. Srisuk

    Jim Sterling is a Britney Spears Stan, confirmed.

  20. Hey Jim how do you intend to play games with your new hands?

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