Stardew Valley – Chocobo Theme done with Flute and Drum Blocks

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Chocobo Theme played on flute and drum blocks in Stardew Valley.


  1. Vương Tàu Bửu

    Change speed to 1.5! :D

  2. Finally someone us this blocks for something creative :D

  3. This made me genuinely happy. I’m not that far into the game yet to even
    know this is something you can do. Good job!

  4. Genius, well done! :D

  5. by yoba I think those blocks were put in for you that was amazing can you
    do The Legend of Zelda next the first one.


  7. AWESOME!!!

  8. You, sir, deserve this like.

  9. Nailed it.

  10. Gives a whole new meaning to the words SOUND GARDEN lol

  11. I had no idea you could even do this. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

  12. huensoan baßtat


  13. how long did that take you to make and how did you get the idea for it?

  14. That is EPIC!!!

  15. perfection

  16. :slow clap:

  17. wtf dude this is amazing

  18. that is very impressive

  19. Cute. Instead of coffee you should run it with the chocobo themed mount
    mod. :)

  20. Wow, simply amazing! You did such a wonderful job. :)

  21. Bravo.

  22. good job man!!!!

  23. You left your footstep volume on. Turn it down, man.

  24. Amazing !!!

  25. phoenix sakulsaithongkum

    Give a big hand

  26. Well played

  27. Christopher Anthony

    That’s awesome!

  28. This is amazing.

  29. This is so cool!

  30. stealthbomberful


  31. ผมชื่อคน นามสกุลมนุษย์


  32. Amazing!!!

  33. Not quite my tempo

  34. Wonderful.

  35. Xenothaulus Korianthil


  36. like a boss !

  37. Ur Are Play Old Game , For This , And Dont Say Good Music.

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