Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, A Story-Driven EA Game, Is Selling Pretty Dang Well!

While Electronic Arts is keeping actual figures close to its chest, a boasting press release has reported that the game is selling really quite well indeed.

While the claims of it being the “Fastest-Selling Digital Launch for a Star Wars Game Ever” and “EA’s Top-Selling Star Wars Title on PC in its Initial Launch Window” are a bit bollocky without hard data, it’s nice to see the game nonetheless performing positively.

EA has resisted a single-player story-driven Star Wars game for the longest time. Hell, the entire “AAA” industry has largely turned away from them. But they can still sell, because there’s an audience hungry for them.

So yeah, pretty good news!

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  1. ” single players dont do well”-EA

  2. EA: This game is selling like hotcakes!
    Also EA: This game sold *”BELOW EXPECTATIONS”*

  3. “iT’s beCaUsE iT sELls oN MulTIpLe PlaTFoRmS!”

    yes, I saw that argument being used.

  4. Maybe KOTOR 3 can be made after this games success.

  5. EA in 2017: “Single player game are dead”

  6. I’m imagining EA as Kronk, sitting in a meeting trying to figure out why Fallen Order is doing so well:

    “Well you’ve got me. By all accounts, it doesn’t make sense”.

  7. “The Undercatered” sounds like a new Jim persona waiting to happen.

  8. I just know the higher ups at EA are salty as hell because this game sold well, despite their best efforts to kill it on arrival like they did Titanfall 2.

  9. Remember when video game executives said single player games were dead?
    And that other time?
    And that other time?
    And that other time?
    And that other time?
    And that other time?

  10. A Weeb on the internet

    EA: “Single player games are finished”
    EA 2019: **Releases a single player Star Wars game**

    Well, in the wise word of Obi-Wan: “You have become the very thing you swore to destroy”

  11. Tin foil hat on: I think JFO is the remnant of what Visceral was building and EA brought it back because it saw how low was sinking with the franchise.
    My reason for this conspirancy theory? How much it resembles the original idea that Visceral was working on, which was an Uncharted like Star Wars game. The dev time on this was a bit shorter than usual triple A titles, which makes me thing part of it was already built by the Visceral team.

  12. 2017: “SiNgLe PlAyEr GaMeS aRe DeAd!!!”
    2019: “You could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me.”

  13. EA: “Single player games are dead!”
    Also EA: “Look at that nice single player game we made for you to enjoy and are proud about once we noticed that you actually enjoy it!”

  14. “This game sold below expectations”
    Maybe the problem is with the expectations then?

  15. Imagine if they hadn’t canceled Amy Henning and Viceral’s Star Wars title?

  16. EA in the coming weeks: ”Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has sold below expectations. Single player games are dead, because our customers demand online games with ongoing live services.”

  17. I need desperately a tag for games like this, the tag would be like “honest product”?

  18. Game didn’t sell 4 billion copies? ….

    Sold below expectation.

  19. EA: micro transactions are essential to secure our future

    Also EA: “Microtransactions don’t affect game sales”

  20. I’m guessing Disney were like “Make something good with this license or we’ll step in.”

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