Star Wars: Battlefront Live Action Trailer – Become More Powerful

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The official ™ trailer featuring Anna Kendrick. Let’s play Star Wars 11.17.15.

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  1. what the rapture?

  2. Game will be trash. Why? Because EA… They ruined THE FUCK out of what
    SWTOR could have been… This is no different. Just another cash in from
    the Star Wars fans. Well I say no. I don’t care how much I enjoy Star Wars.
    I will not support EA by buying this over hyped game that coincidentally
    has come out in succession with the movie. I understand they’re a profit
    based company as all should be but they have kowtowed to the
    /instantgratification generation. I’m surprised they haven’t put auto aim
    in their games yet… Oh wait.

    DICE makes a good engine, but BF4 was a disaster, a year after it’s release
    after ALL EXPANSIONS were released.. they fixed the game. Why? Well not
    because the community wanted it… Because they had to push the 5 expansion
    season pass. I swear, it’s like making Maxi-Pads out of fiberglass then
    telling all the suffered women a year later, “Well if you buy this 5 step
    season pass program, we’ll give you some Maxis made of cotton!” It’s a joke.

    Sickening. And I used to be a DIEHARD battlefield fanboi.. Funny how things

  3. Knowledge React World

    nice post..sub back please!!

  4. Lucky they get early access just because there dying.

  5. Where i can find this music theme!?!?!?!?!?

  6. Video games ruin life

  7. Leftovers spoilers!! The plot has been revealed, all departures were sent
    into the digital world of Star Wars.


  9. I call bullshit! No way Kendrick would just leave her sandwich!…Even to
    save the world!

  10. Too many games to play !!! black ops 3, fallout 4, tomb raider, and this

  11. This is by no means a true live action trailer.

  12. So if you die in the game do you die for real?

  13. noice.

  14. Wish the Graphics were that good. Don’t get me wrong the graphics in the
    game are amazing, but to be that good would be so cool

  15. PlayStation for life… Now I believe that it’s true.. STAR WARS IS ONLY ON
    PLAYSTATION??!! I’m proud to be a PlayStation gamer.. ( I don’t give a fuck
    about bad comments) Peace.


  16. Holy live action batman!!!

  17. All those dead people wow

  18. Hell yes im ready!

  19. Biggest kidnapping in 2015

  20. there are a lot of naked people appearing in random spots

  21. Why can’t they show someone driving a car.

  22. SO MUCH LOVE!!

  23. People suddenly disappearing… fallout 4?

  24. The ultimate nerd fantasy

  25. Most disgustingly politically correct trailer ever.

  26. Anna Kendrick <3

  27. I’m crying

  28. I would vdul.

  29. Christ, the Rock, is our sure hope. – The Rock

  30. im fan girling rn!!!!!!

  31. If only the game was like this. The real life game looks good but plays
    like a super nintendo game.

    What was the developer thinking? If I wanted the worst aspects of call of
    duty in a single game, i’d play call of duty

  32. When the rapture hits you

  33. î

  34. #annakendrikleftherclothesathome

  35. The STARWARS Rapture…LOL

  36. Was ham den alle nur weil da zwei Kinder vorkommen? 16+ ja und. So brutal
    ist das game auch wieder nicht.

  37. Is this on pc??

  38. As a guy, I usually play as a dude in Video games. But if Anna Kendrick
    where available as a player model, that would change fast.

  39. “Let’s abandon society and be naked on the front lines of the Star Wars
    saga!” said no nerd ever.

  40. the first girl kinda looked like Emily Blunt

  41. Yep. I just can’t wait to run around looking for items that magically pop
    me into a space craft or an AT I can’t control. Can’t wait to run around
    looking for my weapon upgrades either, that I can only use once. It’s like
    a bunch of COD faggots wrote that shit. Enjoy your hordes of shitty fucking
    muslims raping your women and causing your country to implode, you stupid
    fucking Swedish libtards.

  42. At first I was like wuh? And then I was like aw yeah!!!

    #StarWars #Awesome

  43. Anna Kendrick just got 10x hotter

  44. they disappeared with clothes left on the floor, so they teleported naked
    just like terminators

  45. guarenteed if they didnt call this game battlefront, people wouldnt be
    bitching so much about what it does and doesn’t have……a whole year
    before it is even released

  46. it’s downloading now for me!!!! digital!!!!!!

  47. now i really wanna see anna kendrick play this!!!!

  48. Needs more cowbell.

  49. I guess if you have ADHD and like to do a cycle loop of the only two
    options to play a trooper or rebel than this game is for you. Would be nice
    if they actually had a chargen and you could make classes. I can see maybe
    making Jedi/Sith a level cap option, but doing only HERO’s is stupid. I
    haven’t even been impressed with any of the game play I seen so far. Love
    Star Wars, but going to skip this. They need to make a REAL RPG and stop
    doing these online battles or MMO’s for Star Wars.

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