Star Wars Battlefront II TEMPORARILY Removes Loot Box Microtransactions

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A minor victory as EA runs following a major backlash, a disastrous Reddit AMA, and interest from various gambling commissions.

But remember… in this world of constantly connected games, the goalposts are always moving, and EA’s show of remorse is but temporary.


  1. The saddest part is this is working. Already seeing comments of ‘now I can buy this’, and people thinking that E.A.’s gone to make it only cosmetic, even though they never said that.

  2. Calling it now, after the holiday shopping, after sw 8 comes out, when there’s the peek number of players. That’s when they will come back. That is if the player base stays after this shit show I doubt they will.

  3. AHAHAHA I got two advertisements for this, one for their terrible farce of a mobile game, galaxy of heroes, then halfway through, I got another one for battlefront 2. Ah well at least some portion of the moneys gone to you Jim, right?… right?

  4. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン


    Keep fighting the good fight!

  5. Please don’t buy this game now people, Jim was 100% on the mark when he said this is just a momentary way to duck the heat.

  6. i hope that take2 changes their mind after this

  7. Predictions: 1) Everyone who purchased the game will now receive crystals or loot boxes equivalent to $40 or 2/3 rds the price of the game.2) The price for loot boxes will be reduced or the chance of getting rare cards will be increased slightly. 3) EA will get voted the worst company of the year again.

  8. EA: “I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

  9. “Temporarily” Kinda in the same sense when a serial killer stops murdering people for a while after a close shave with the police.

  10. We can’t let our guard down. Gotta stay vigilant.

  11. “This was never our intention.” Uh huh. Sure. And Ted Bundy was just trying to give those women a ride home when things suddenly got out out of hand.

  12. This is only temporary. More sales and then they will flip the switch back on. Cattle will be fooled. They always are.

  13. Fuck EA, I’m still not buying it.

  14. EA’s stocks were dropping like a brick so they had to do damage control.
    They are weasels so I expect more of their typical nonsense once the heat is off

  15. EA wont learn a fucking lesson from this…but we can hope that other publishers who are smaller might see this as a warning and try not to overstep their boundaries too where it can really damage them unlike EA

  16. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    “You blew up a Death Star. We promise we will never build another Death Star, please relax.”

  17. who remembers the times when you payed for a £60 game and you didnt have to pay for anything inside the game after that? i do, believe it or not that included cosmetics, and thats how it should be, if publishers wanna keep making money on a game after people have bought it then they need to make expansion DLC, AFTER the games already been out for a while, no cut content being re-sold as DLC, borderlands is a good example for that, those story DLCs were the shit, who remembers when trying to earn that unique cosmetic was one of the reasons you stayed around on a game for so long besides loving the game and having a great time on it? who remembers seeing a guy in your game, say on halo reach, with that inheritor helmet and being jealous as hell but at the same time knowing they earned that helmet? now its just “that idiot got lucky in a loot box”

    yes they TEMPORARILY removed the ability to be there stupid crystals, but thatll be back, and youll still have to pay for something you want with it, even if it is just cosmetic, and thats not on, i dont want free DLC if this is what we get instead, and whoevers about to type “people like you would still have something to complain about even if there were no loot boxes” stop, get some help, cause no, i wouldnt, i played the beta and this game looked amazing to me and i loved the gameplay, the graphics, the sounds, everything, i had nothing to complain about besides the gamble boxes, i dont like comparing things to cod cause i dont like those games, but remember how you unlocked things in blops 1? thats a decent example of how things should be earned, you couldnt pay your way to any of it, everything, including the cosmetics, had to be earned

    we havent destroyed the death star yet, but once we do another will eventually show up, and we need to be prepared…

  18. I guess we can be pretty certain that this will work out like Bethesda’s paid mod situation…. where they dropped them after a backlash and then put them back virtually unchanged a little bit later.

  19. Dajmin the Gamer Scot

    Next steps for EA. Claim the removal of MTs hurt their profit margins. Call it a failure. Close Criterion.

  20. Black dragon Kalameet

    They’ll be added back in later. Ea is just trying to make the criticisms outdated.

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