Star Wars Battlefront II – Gamblefront (Jimpressions)

This so much more than a bad in premium skin.

's also buggy, unfinished, and mediocre “AAA” garbage boot!



  2. Jim, you nailed it…

  3. “Singleplayer is dead”

    Apparently, EA is hard at work trying to kill multiplayer now. I wonder if Anthem will put Bioware’s head on a basket. EA’s guillotine is still sharp since it had to recently cut someone else’s.

  4. Jesus Fucking Christ, I knew that the lootbox system was bad… But to see it is THIS buggy is baffling.

    I mean, I know it’s a DICE tradition for games to be buggy at release so I shouldn’t be surprised, but holy hell…

  5. Indies are the new AAA

  6. Good news! Here in the Netherlands, the “Chance-Games Authority” is going to take a look into lootcrates in videogames.
    Here’s hoping that actions will be taken.
    They are also doing the same thing in Belgium.

  7. Victor Mendonça da Silva

    But tell me Jim, you do not sense the pride and accomplishment ?

  8. The amount of people defending this practice is outrageous. For some reason people go on and on, especially on twitter, about how we “pc circlejerkers on reddit are just hating to hate.” And they’re fucking damn right. This practice, this game, and EA in general DESERVES TO BE HATED. They took a wonderful treasured franchise from our childhood and twisted it to make the biggest paycheck they could. Fuck EA, fuck the people who defended this practice(they’re only cosmeeeeetiiicccc!!!!111!!!) and FUCK preorders. But we’ll have to wait in line because EA’s already got their cock rammed RIGHT up there. Holy hells i’m pissed off.

  9. Apparently Belgium is investigating this game and Overwatch for their use of loot boxes and exposing minors to gambling.

  10. Its morally acceptable to pirate EA games now.

  11. I hope EA is forced to conform to gambling laws.

  12. BrightBulb Photography

    I have seen a lot of people complain about nausea inducing issues in games before. That Tiebrator is the first time experiencing it. I would hope its not going to be a bug in the final release. But that is brutal. Could also see seizure induction with that also.

  13. Let me explain how it is Gambling, regardless of the current industry / legal stance while the looting continues.

    Rating board says, “not Gambling because you always get something”. Well, in the Casino business, you also always get something. That’s what all those Gambler Membership Reward things are all about. You Gamble, and win or lose you earn points. That is something. Therefore the ratings board argument fails.

    Rating board says, “not Gambling because you don’t use real money”. Well, in the Casino business, you also don’t use real money. First you buy the Casino’s in-game currency, called “chips”. Then you gamble with those chips like you do in these video games using the in-game premium currencies. Therefore the ratings board argument fails.

    The only actual differentiation still remaining is that in real world gambling, at the end of the day you can convert your in-game premium currencies (earned through gambling or otherwise) back to real world money.

    So video games are more like those rigged carnival games with these random gambling boxes except there is no skill to get the prize you are after. It is all entirely gambling roll based and there are no cash prizes. You can never win back money.

    Imagine going to a Casino where you can only lose money while having chance of getting “complimentary rewards” you can use only in the Casino. The freaking Casino owners must be looking at video game gambling with real envy at what kind of looting these game developers and publishers are getting away with.

    The house always wins has never been more true as it is in the case of video game gambling.

  14. For future readers of this comment I’ll make the message painfully clear so as to avoid further confusion:
    1. Battlefront II business practices = Bad
    2. Jim, made an error, I notified and provided constructive criticism.
    3. Most of those who have replied are not particularly adept at reading comprehension.

    Much as I love Jim, and am not a fan of this game’s business practices thus far, it does not feature a season pass. So including it in your criticisms of the game does to a degree give this impression not enough research was done.

  15. F2P mechanics like wait times and loot crates should NOT exist in $60 games. That is complete anti consumerism BS and has to be stopped NOW before it gets out of hand

  16. Can’t even watch that footage. I’m developing a migraine after 15 sec of that TIE fighter gameplay.

  17. 2:29-2:37
    This clip.
    Whenever someone asks you if this game is worth buying, show them this clip.

  18. “Tiebrator” good show Jim

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