Star Wars Battlefront II (dunkview)

Can’t even play as a ewok or a jar jar or that star wars penguin I keep seeing at target.


  1. This is just painful; what was EA even thinking?

  2. T H E R E N O S U C H T H I N G A S B A D C O N T R O L S . J U S T B A D P L A Y E R S

  3. _EA sports_
    _it’s in the crates_

  4. Pff, That ‘wise man’ probably upvoted his own comment.

  5. i got battlefront II like really early for some reason. like 10 years ago. and i thought that one was pretty good. I wonder why they left it in development for so long

  6. “I’m Han Solo, I’m Han Solo, I’m Han Solo”

    Flashbacks to JonTron’s video of Han Solo Dancing in Star Wars Kinect.

  7. game looks gorgeous though, the environments are really cool. shame they had to waste the actual content of the game on bullshit lootboxes

  8. How can the PS2 starwars battlefield be better than the new one? Thanks EA

  9. Game’s really not bad. It has a shit ton of planets, and a good amount of maps for each mode. Galactic assault, smaller modes, and starfighter assault. The game has a good amount of heroes, a fun campaign that connects to the films as it is canon, and fills in Jakku. The multiplayer is extremely fun and intense with large scale battles, butwhat it really lacks for me is weapons. There is only four weapons per class. Instead of loot boxes they should have done the Hutt contracts too, and should have added skins and races. The star cards shouldn’t be from loot boxes, but it really isn’t that bad if you’re a competent player and don’t make excuses. Within two days, I’ve also unlocked Luke and Vader without having to pay, it really doesn’t take long. I don’t play much, but already got all heroes. If anything, at this rate I’ll earn too much and be done with it. Unlocking things is a good thing, if there isn’t anything to unlock then what’s the real point of playing? I need a goal. So to me, it just needs more, but with word of customization coming, Grievous, the planet Krayt, Phasma and Fin, it sounds like they’ll be adding more to the game to keep it fresh which I appreciate as it will prolong the experience like Overwatch. With a few missteps it does deserve critique, but not people that are too stubborn to change opinions. As of now i give it a 7 out of ten. Without lag and if it had customization, no lootboxes (at least for star cards), and more blasters, then it’d be a ten. People just overreact too much and enjoy to be over critical. (Edit) forgot to mention that the battle point system works very well. I get any one of my choosing for a hero every match which is nice. They’re very accessible and rewarding to those who play well or go for objectives as that is the quickest way to earn them. The vehicles also work just fine for me, I got 4 kills in one swoop once. I’d also add that the objectives are fun. I hate just deathmatch, it’s so boring in games. But even in disagreement, it doesn’t make me like Dunkey less.

  10. The first reviewer I’ve seen to actually mention the AWFUL lag


  12. Aside from the complains of other reviews, this guy over here, he’s actually giving out constructive critisim.
    But progression system should just die. I don’t feel honor and pride when I come party 3 years later and got rekt.

  13. The story mode campaign realy takes you on a historical trip too 1969 were you play as Niel Armstrong on a original adventure too the moon.

  14. So basically they have to fix everything, sounds easy enough.

  15. So at the end there, is there a Star Wars cycle now like the Sonic cycle, we all get our hopes up, then nope EA ruined it, but wait they’re gonna get rid of one shitty thing in the sequel, no wait still ruined, but hey maybe next time they’ll…

  16. GAMER SNACK | جيمر سناك

    Damn it, I mean damn it XD

  17. 8438392920 939390393

    Assassin’s creed is a good franchise

  18. “Would be good if It wasn’t bad”
    -Summed up Dunkey’s thoughts

  19. I’m surprised there’s not an anti-lag perk that costs an additional 50 dollars.

  20. *MW2 multiplayer was the best and it still is.*

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