SQUIRM – The Early Squirm Gets The Squird (Direct To Video)

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A very adorable game with neat platforming and a foul mouth.

Steam store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/778330/Squirm/


  1. you make me squirm

  2. Oh, the Squirmy Plays are back!


    i’ll go

  3. I trust nothing on this day.

  4. @Jim Sterling, Please look into what are Gaijin Entertainment have been doing in the past few days, i’ll give you the basic rundown: Gaijin own and run the free to play War Thunder; a tank/aircraft light simulator game that allows you to drive and/or fly vehicles of ww2 and more recently modern vehicles. Gaijin has a scheme, where it essentially allows users to create things for the game like skins for vehicles or whole new vehicles via their User creator programme, which basically means users can submit models into the game like Gaijin would with a contracteed third party model maker.

    Last Tuesday they introduced a lootbox system that featured user made skins for vehicles, some being fictional, some being historical, with the items within being able to be traded just like those in CSGO (keep this in mind for later) using a currency Gaijin made called Gaijin Coin which is roughly $1= 1Gjn coin. Previously War Thunder featured user skins you could download for free from other users to use in your game via the War thunder Live site. Though no one else but you could see them as well as some included into the game via the user creator programme (which everyone could see as these were purchased ingame and a proportion of the funds go to the orginial skin creator). The new loobox availiable ones can now be seen by everyone depending on your ingame settings.

    The big issues has come up with the fact that vehicles previously only availiable during special events called operation Summer and Winter, where you’d grind out specific tasks to get enough tokens to unlock said vehicle at the end of the event. These vehicles are now availiable again through these lootboxes, many of said vehicles being overpowered as historically they were prototypes and were often much better than production vehicles, so you can start to see the problem these overpowered vehicles can now be sold by other players for ridiculus prices, one being the KV220 which sold for $800 yesterday on the market.

    If you need more information, please contact Gaijin Entertainment (obviously), and some Youtubers: those being MikeGoesBoom, ManyMilesAway, Magz TV and Ash, as these people are likely to give better information on the game than I could provide, along with any relevant footage you need. Thanks 🙂 – sorry for the wall of text

  5. Oh shit, I’m friends with the developer and I’m so happy for him right now

  6. Are you using a new microphone?

  7. Keep up the good work boglin fondler

  8. Happy Easter All

  9. Games like this and Squidlit make me wonder why they took soo long to be made. Had they been released much earlier they may have become household-known franchises.

  10. Definitely a charming little game right there.

  11. The squirmiest game on squeam.

  12. 0/10 No one was looking for Mr. Beardsley.

  13. If “Undertale” and “The end is nigh” had a baby, this would be the game.

  14. #booksterdust

  15. Nice April Fools joke, playing a good game on Steam.

  16. This game looks and feels like it’s running on the Cave Story engine.
    Used to do some modding on that myself back in the day, it’s a fun tool.

  17. They finally lost it…
    I thought bethesda’s going to completely remove rpg elements from Skyrim 2, but THEY TURNED IT INTO A PLATFORMER AND EVEN SPELLED THE GAME’S NAME INCORRECTLY!

  18. I don’t mean to brag but I am the number 1 squirm player in the world!

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