Spyro Reignited Trilogy – Relight My Fire (Jimpressions)

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is out, which means nothing else matters. A rarity, in that it’s an Activision release without a nasty predatory catch, Spyro is a ton of fun and it’s held up incredibly well!


  1. So glad this Trilogy is *not* a Sony exclusive anymore, but…will it ever come to the *PC?*

  2. An activision game that isn’t a joke

  3. PC version when?

  4. Play game to have fun…. Jim stop being entitled! You should play games to pay to play some more to pay to make corporations happy.

  5. Looks good but without Spyro themed lootboxes and some form of Premium Currency I’m going to have to give it a pass.

  6. Aside from there being a 42gb update, which ultimately is a kick in the crotch for me as I’d prefer it on disc/s, it looks great.

  7. No strings attached? Aren’t the 2nd & 3rd game not on the disk?
    I.E., you don’t ACTUALLY own them?

  8. I love the remaster of this and Crash. with the Medievil remaster coming out. I just have to ask: will we get a remaster of Legend of Dragoon?

  9. Do you guys not have storage space?

  10. The original spyro was one of my favorite games growing up.

  11. It says something that the only good stuff Activision releases is old games that they touched up, but they still screw it up some way. Like this and them not putting the entirety of the games on disc, which should be entirely possible

  12. Instant buy if it gets a Switch port

  13. Michael Westergaard

    Know what would make it better? If I could purchase some kind of box with those diamonds in them. Perhaps make it kind of a lottery, so I could also win dragons.

  14. lol sounds like you really wanted to get back to playing Spyro.

  15. Think about that an Activision game,without Microtransactions 😁

  16. I can already see the headlines: “Jim Sterling calls Spyro Reignited the Dark Souls of collectatthons!”

  17. Don’t you guys have PS1s?

  18. If it comes to the PC, I will buy it instantly. I will buy it and buy it for friends, and force them to play it too…
    All my parents remember of the game is the blue guys going “Neh neh neh neh neh”. Every now and then I’ll mention video games to them and they will mimic that. Fun times.

  19. A scalie dream come true.

  20. Kirkhammer is my Waifu

    00:05 – Was anyone else expecting “Enzo” the dragon to yell “My Consensual Penis!”?

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