SPOOKY SCARY GOOFS | Phasmophobia w/ Bob & Wade

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Horror Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted


  1. Karsten Eckelmans

    Please make more phasmaphobia love ur vids

  2. Trent Does Games

    Dear Mark Bob and wade. I should have the chance to be in one of your videos this totally makes sense because I’m a genius this is a joke don’t worry you’re a good youtuber though. Also I played VR and I look like a donkey. This is a joke by the way bye

  3. DAMeK_Productions

    lol recorded before the update 🙁

  4. This video was like 3% actual phasmophobia

  5. This is literally off-topic but I saw you on TV today! My parents were confused and asked “Who’s Markiplier?” when I pointed at the TV screen and shouted, “IS THAT MARKIPLIER?! OH MY GOD HE’S IN A COMMERCIAL!”

  6. I love this trio.

  7. so they played rings for 5 minutes, and it was the most interesting part of the video

  8. The game got updated, hope you can play again :3

  9. Call me crazy, but the beginning is exactly why I love distractible.

  10. Your phasmophobias are some of your best

  11. Katherine Millican

    2 hours ago:)

  12. Wade: “it’s hunting”


  13. Noice. I really love this game and seeing mark play it makes it 10x better…

  14. I love distractible got the candy uncle merch and girlfriend asked what it means long story short she didn’t sleep.

  15. Everytime i hear a phone ring i immediately think tbat ghostface might be in the game lol.

  16. Please play lots more of this game

  17. So happy the crew is back in Phasmophobia. Y’all are my favorite ghost hunting team.

  18. Guys I think they’re doing a podcast

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