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  1. Do yasuo next please

  2. Since the day I started playing this game with my friends, Soraka was always the squishy champion that was only created to get one shot. And she will always be.

  3. I enjoyed this more than expected

  4. i masturbated to this

  5. This is a work of art

  6. Radu Stefan Popescu

    It was a bad idea for OP to have scenes where everything is so small. Had to squint my eyes. Nice ending though.


  8. I like part when soraka died

  9. ok now do us all a favor and do teemo next please

  10. The urgot’s one was, by far, the most satisfying

  11. The parts of the video (small size either shown on a different parts of the screen is just plain annoying) otherwise good video

  12. 2:08 I found Rammus to be the most satisfying one XD

  13. Even as a Soraka otp I have to admire how great this is.

  14. Why is this video so weird edited? With the Zoom in and out?

  15. I don’t know why but I died of laughter at the Janna one

  16. I am Soraka main, the enemies cry and wish me to get cancer.

  17. I wonder if this is what heaven looks like?

  18. I need music in video 🙂

  19. Even more satisfying than I expected.

  20. this is amazing, whenever I go up against a Soraka this will be forever in my mind.

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