Sonic Origins Is On Some Real Silly Bullsh*t (The Jimquisition)

Sega couldn’t help taking a simple idea like Sonic Origins and stuffing up with all sorts of preorder nonsense!


  1. WTF is a letterbox background?

  2. All the bullshit effort they’ve put into this and it’s $40 vs $45

  3. Congratulations on beating covid. Hardcore as always.
    Edit that flannel is super cute.

  4. The title of this video is how I feel every time I see your new thumbnails and what you’ve become

  5. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  6. First, thank you for calling out companies and shady business aspects for their bs. I highly appreciate the honesty 😀

    That being said, I know you’re not a Djinn, but I hope you can fulfill this little wish of mine. Please make a video about the bad conditions localizers have to face.

    A good friend of mine and I are about to work for video game and manga localization companies respectively, but there are a few issues.
    1. Localizers sometimes have worse crunch than developers. If the development of the video game itself is in trouble, companies at least sometimes change the deadline. Try to explain to those aholes, that a localization needs more time. Especially if they resend you half the game post-last minute, with the reason, that they had “to change a few things”.
    2. Localizers are often just sent an excel table with no context whatsoever. And people still expect us to present a perfect translation. And actually get mad of us if we can’t.
    3. We are severely underpaid, despite us often having a higher education than those sitting at the top of publishing companies.
    And those are just the pinnacle of the iceberg. Yet, unlike developing studios, no one actually addresses our issues. So, it would be really cool, Steph, if you would actually do it.
    Thx for being a legend and keep up the good work 😉

  7. Jim you couldn’t be more correct about video games selling a digital soundtrack. There is absolutely nobody who turns on their console to listen to a digital soundtrack. If I wanted to listen to a soundtrack from the video game, I would look it up on YouTube and listen to it on my phone and stream it through my car before I start my afternoon drive to work.

  8. Very Cool XD

  9. Awww yeah.. gimme dat Premium Fun Pack

  10. I watched the whole video and JSS didn’t pet the dog once. Such a heel! 😀

  11. Is this what the UK looks like nowadays?

  12. Silvershock Nicktail

    I think I speak for everyone when I demand to know the dog’s name.

  13. I love how you said it as “oh, Sega” in some nostalgia. Like…
    How you used to go “oh~, Ubisoft” before the sex pred allegations and what-some, never left…

  14. Kinda disappointed that you didnt talk about the price of the sonic origins here in Brazil not gonna lie :/

  15. Congratz on your recovery . ^ ^

    but now my gf is sick, hopefully its not worst 🙁

  16. Glad you’re feeling better JSS. COVID is a piece of shit but somehow the videogames industry is worse.

  17. That dog was a fantastic actor

  18. No NFT skins??

  19. I laughed so hard at creepy conservative dad sonic I inhaled a chicken nugget.

  20. SuperAwesomeMovies

    Lol, nope. I don’t do pre-orders anymore. Sega can shove that crap up their…

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