Sonic Mania Comes To PC With Spicy Denuvo DRM

just can’t help screwing things up, can they? Mania has enjoyed widespread critical success, so naturally they need to cash all the goodwill in by using .


  1. Welp, so much for playing Sonic Mania

  2. Surprised it doesn’t have micro transactions.

  3. Pop Culture Primer

    Denuvo sounds like an 80s New Wave band.

  4. Denuvo was created by an Austrian company
    Hitler was born in Austria

  5. And all the people trying to defend the DRM by saying “well it hasn’t affected me” or “just get in on tthe Switch” -.-

  6. Good that preoders dont get refunded maybe people will learn the hard way not to preorder games.

  7. “Get the blue spheres!”
    *Immediately grabs a red sphere*

  8. This is why you shouldn’t preorder…

  9. I’ve yet to encounter problems with Denuvo, but I’m inclined to believe others that say they have.
    However, an always online strategy from any DRM solution is heinous.
    People will steal your fucking game whether a Denuvo rep convinced you otherwise or not.
    Either we know very little about what’s happening with Denuvo as industry outsiders (possible) or Denuvo has very good salesmen.

  10. Jesus fuck, I’ve never removed anything from my Wishlist so fast.

  11. And it has already been cracked so the DRM should be removed soon

  12. The developers of Sonic Mania and even the SEGA Social Media team are vocally uncomfortable about the whole decision, even giving links to fans where they can complain to SEGA Europe.

    This is an awful SEGA Europe dumbass corporate decision.

    Oh yeah, and as someone in the comments pointed out, SEGA even vaguely implied in their official statement on Steam that the game not listing Denuvo and having to always be played online was somehow the developer’s fault.

  13. I’m about to buy sonic mania but it have Denuvo
    guess i’m waiting for clean virus free, malware free PIRATE version!

  14. Sega:” We can’t have a good game without fucking something up.”

  15. “People who forgot sonic generations happened, proclaimed Sonic is back”
    Perfect summary of Sonic Mania.

  16. Thanks for bringing this to attention Jim. I bought the game and wasn’t even able to play it because of Denuvo, because my Anti Virus kept thinking Sonic Mania was a Trojan, and putting the executable into quarantine. Let’s see how long it takes SEGA to backtrack on this decision. My guess is under a week.

  17. Is SEGA stupid? This is a STUPID MOVE on SEGA’s part,

  18. Nick on Planet Ripple

    Glorified malware? Yikes. Guess I STILL don’t get to play this game. Oh well.

  19. *Sonic Mania:* Denuvo DRM
    *Knack 2:* No DRM

    Knack 2 is better and every game should follow Knack 2’s steps

  20. The funny part is that it’s been known for years by both devs and publishers that draconian DRM increases piracy. They keep doing the same nonsense and somehow still think it works.

    Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

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