Sonic 2006 Part 2 – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 152

Part 2 – Angry – Episode 152 The continues ! Merch available here

X2 (Blu-Ray)

AVGN X3 (Blu-Ray)


  1. There’s been times when I’ve wondered if James should call it a day on AVGN, but this recent resurgence has really changed my mind.

    It is clear the man is inspired and has managed to breathe new life into the series, succeeding to make it fresh again without changing its feel.

  2. I ship Sonic 06 with Nerd. Not sonic but the game

  3. The AVGN is officially a masochist… Good lord… Lol

  4. My god, all the blu rays… the cinemassacre squad really made a lot of quality content over the years

  5. Can you review the shitty dragon Ball games

  6. An interspecies love story, congratulations Liberals, this games has the diversity you so wanted!

  7. Damn you’d really rather play the virtual boy? Sonic 06 must be way worse than I thought.

  8. Stu sucks at gaming

    “So why not go wholeass, which is the opposite of asshole”

    Takes down notes.

  9. So many AVGN episodes, I feel like it’s Christmas already! James is my Santa.

  10. Fred Fucks kidnapped AVGN’s kid, and we’re all just sitting around??

  11. BDSM session with a game; immediately segues to other ‘physical’ media… for the fans.

  12. This intro has me at full blown chub.


  14. nerd: after the final trial , you get to ride an eagle
    me: imagine if it crapped on sonic?
    nerd: as it shits in midflight

  15. AesculapiusPiranha

    Anyone wondering why it took so long to make part 2… it was loading.

  16. I wonder if he’ll start doing games in the 360/PS3 era? AVGN overlooks NO game that sucks!

  17. No wonder AVGN plays so many shitty games.

    He’s a masochist who gets off on being tortured.

  18. The Virtual Boy comment made me lol xD

  19. I thought it was going to be a Sonic Forces video.

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