So This is Basically Pokemon

Shoutout to the best pokemon, Alolan Dugtrio.

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Check out our illustrator Dane Georges’ awesome stuff!

No joke though, looks great.

Pokemon is developed and distributed by Game Freak and Nintendo. Certain elements from the game were redrawn for clarity.

Paper Mario: TTYD – Glitzville
pLasterbrain – The Racism Theme


  1. I stopped playing after versions Mayonnaise and Jam. Can’t beat the

  2. HelmsLockTheCarnageSeeker

    Can you please do “So This is Basically Kirby” in the future?

  3. The dark typing and fighting type make more sense in the Japanese games,
    where dark = evil. Evil is known to lose in a fight, y’know?
    But in English it just doesn’t make sense, haha.

  4. Colosseum and XD are still better than XY.

  5. Afraid of the dark?… punch it…

  6. Riley Long (Nintendrone42)

    Tough fighter? Throw pixie dust at it!
    Evil darkness? Throw pixie dust at it!
    Dragon? Throw pixie dust at it!

  7. They actually havnt done the 2 versions then a better version of the
    previous 2 since like 4th gen

  8. Afraid of the dark?…Throw a bug at it…


  10. I don’t know if that was a joke or not but probopass is actually the best

  11. My engine in my Steel type car isn’t working should I punch it?

  12. Technically in recent games you do get a reward for completing the Pokedex
    (usually a charm that increases the chance of finding Shiny Pokemon)

  13. I cannot be the only one who unintentionally uses one Pokemon for the whole
    game and is royally screwed if they get defeated thus forcing me to use a
    different Pokemon that are all still level 10. Oh and also if that Pokemon
    is fire but my opponent is water I still use my fire Pokemon and hope that
    I can win just by having a higher level and more hp. #rip

  14. horseradish made me remember how everyone was so sure Pokemon Z and Delta
    Emerald would be a game and I was here like “What about no”

  15. Jello isn’t dead? :D

  16. So this is basically Fallout

  17. Team Pants is Hiding Team Rocket… Uh-… Somewhere…

  18. You need to do one of *Rick and Morty*.
    Seriously. I need that in my life.

  19. I’m ready to join team pants.

  20. Join me, and together we will make a world that’s *comfy and easy to wear*

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