So IGN Bought Humble And That’s, Like, Weird n’ Stuff

A media outlet owning a is… interesting.


  1. Everything pure and humble one day will succumb,

  2. Don’t know if you’ll see this or care, but GameStop does publish games under the name GameTrust, usually titles like Axion Verge or Stories:
    Path of Destinies getting physical releases

  3. It could work depending on how they go about it. They may also be wanting to slowly move out of the news and review business and move into full on publishing since I am going to think that there more money in that then on a new’s site.

  4. hur dur 10/10. I’m very original.

  5. What the fuck… Humble sold out to IGN… That’s worrying… Trend setter?? ?

  6. You can’t prove an organisation is ethical, only that they are unethical. You need one example of unethical behaviour to prove that they engaged in it. Only having evidence of ethical behaviour does not disprove the idea that it exists somewhere, hence the unfounded rumours persisting.

  7. Re the GameStop / Game Informer comparison, worth noting GameStop did publish Song of the Deep, though I can’t recall whether they have since published anything else.

  8. I think it would be unfair to expect IGN to never cover games that are published by Humble. Games like A Hat In Time DESERVE to be talked about, and if someone at IGN wanted to write about it, they should be free to do so. Get that game noticed by more people.
    I think it would be totally acceptable if you just added a disclaimer at the top that said “A Hat In Time was published by Humble, which is owned by IGN”. Let the reader take from that what they want. But there’s nothing inherently insidious about a writer or reviewer playing a game and saying it’s good. The writer/reviewer wouldn’t necessarily have any association with the game, just because the company they work for also happens to own Humble. If the two entities are operating independently, then it should be fine (with proper disclaimer).
    Which is why I’m often disappointed that Jim doesn’t talk about some good just because he does a bit of voice work, or once worked with a person.
    If Jim didn’t make a video on Subsurface Circular, just because he’s worked with Mike Bithell before, then that’s really disappointing.

  9. So the “humble” part of humble bundle will probably be less so.

  10. ign deserves the criticism it gets. They are pathetic

  11. IGN had no humility so they had to buy their way into being Humble.

  12. MrJinglejanglejingle

    If you pause it just right, you can see what Jim’s Professional Balls Washer sees every night at 7:46.

  13. Well prepared for Humble to suck now

  14. So the guys who insulted gamers for criticising ME3 now own humble? IGN, basically EA’s propaganda outlet, now is in control of humble?

    Well, humble is fucked.

  15. oh darn, I was a regular customer.

  16. I only just yesterday managed to finally get a partnership with Humble!… and then this happens, i am incredibly nervous and sad about this and praying nothing goes fucked such an amazing charity is at risk not just the games market.

  17. My concerns about this are basically as follows:

    – IGN is a large corporation and as with most things large corporations take over, it usually gets fucked up and turned into a viciously for-profit entity.

    – IGN themselves are part of the really shit side of the games press that seem only concerned with cooking up huge amounts of hype and thus pre-orders for the next Call of Duty or FIFA game. This being that a site that regularly allows shitty business practices and creates false hype for people to waste their £50 on may also want to do that on a smaller level with Humble.

    – It is also generally just that a media company putting their fingers in the game making pie seems a little concerning and possible for genuinely corrupt practices due to perhaps some of the IGN staff’s connections to staff of other publications for instance. This seems troubling in this individual case but even more so as a precedent for someone far shittier than IGN.

  18. What game is he playing ?

  19. That Blast from the East tho.

  20. I thought Ign was just short for ignorant.

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