SNEAKY AND METEOS: SAME | League Animation Workshop

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Too kindred spirits must face the person they care about the most, they owe it to each other to try their best and not let their feelings get in the way. For there is more at stake than just victory.

Wanted to make a League related video based on cheesy song a friend showed me and here it is.

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  1. This is Amazing!!!

  2. I came.

  3. what the actual fuck did I just watch

  4. Rush BibleThump

  5. Sneaky is kind of cute . He can do way better than meteos .

  6. yugioh forever

  7. this style of animation reminds me of early newgrounds flash porn

  8. deckowner jason

    this is actually crazy good, I laughed my ass off when rush came out of no where.

  9. Forgot to put bunny in this like you even put rush in but no fufuu?

  10. damn if only the c9 vs p1 series went to game 5 and this played.

  11. Fucking amazing

  12. This new season of Naruto is lit

  13. This is god level, RITO WHERE YOU AT?

  14. PoisonedAssassin

    Was that Nuketown? XD

  15. Ryu at 0:39 tho

  16. This could have just been a solid 9/10 joke video

    But then you used a Yugioh Song and it became a 10/10

  17. No Matter What from Yu-Gi-Oh Music To Duel By. Jeez this brings back memories

  18. Meteos is a beta cuck.

  19. this is unfunny and gay just like everyone in the league community

  20. Lost it at the SE7EN reference

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