SMITE – God Reveal – The Morrigan, Phantom Queen

Introducing the newest god to join the battleground – The Morrigan, Phantom Queen! Available in the 3.25 The Phantom Queen patch, coming soon to .

What is a ?

Battle Arenas, or MOBAs for short, originated as a sub-genre of the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre. Because of this, in most , the player takes control of a single character from the isometric (top-down) view akin to most RTS games. Typically, in , a player takes control of a single character on one of two teams. Those players choose characters that all have their own abilities, or “kits”. To win, the players must use a combination of abilities, teamwork, and strategy to not only best their opponent, but destroy the opponents main structures. A bonus to the genre is that most MOBAs are , which is definitely a contributing factor of the their massive success. The genre has many titles, the largest of which being Defense of the Ancients (DoTA) and DoTA 2, League of Legends (LoL), and most recently SMITE!

What is SMITE?

SMITE is one of the more recent to enter the fray. In SMITE you don’t just choose a character, you choose a god. You’ll instantly feel an attachment to characters like Thor and Zeus because even if you don’t know the lore behind them, you’ve at least heard their names before! What makes SMITE so immersive is ’ inclusion of historical lore into the gods’ abilities, kits, and play styles. Thor and Loki aren’t just characters from Marvel comics and movies. They’re also a part of Norse mythology and you can take control of them in SMITE!

What makes SMITE different?

SMITE takes all of the strategy of the top MOBA games and adds another layer of difficulty by putting you into the action! Unlike most MOBA games, SMITE offers players the chance to experience the MOBA genre they know and love from a third-person perspective. This unique perspective allows for an extremely immersive experience unlike any other game in the genre. While this doesn’t sound like such a big change, once you play it you’ll understand! All of these things added together is what has gaming websites everywhere continually rating SMITE as one of the best MOBA games available!


  1. this is the kinda kit loki should have gotten, not this invis bs

  2. I see it now. Match of the Day. Morrigan only. facepalm

  3. i can see that she will be the most hated god next to loki

  4. I’m down with it. Her decoy is what I wished Loki’s was. Her default
    abilities are nothing overpowered (No hard CC in her own kit), and her ult
    is crazy. Double Odin rings, double Janus snipes, it’s gonna be beautiful.


  6. UnstoppableGaming

    I have every character in the game without buying anyone

  7. 2 Ares in Arena….
    Oh God Why

  8. oh the toxicity about your team mates items will reach a new high

  9. so much crying in the comments section. learn to adapt to the possibility
    of more than one god on your enemy team now. learn synergy.

  10. Since every new god gets an all that god game mode would that mean that if
    you became another morrigan then you would use her ult again and again? Or

  11. Holy hell that ult is broken. 9 different ults to choose from, not to
    mention all the other abilities? What were they thinking?

  12. I’m surprised the ult doesn’t execute the god she transforms into

  13. And we thought season 3 had OP god releases and unbalances. Hey boys and
    girls welcome to season 4.

  14. Daenerys Stormborn

    Literally Morrigan from Dragon Age…Cool

  15. Pat “paddy” B

    what pantheon

  16. Except from the ulti i dont see anything else ”op” here.

  17. Please tell me this won’t make ares meta


  19. Does it ever say what pantheon she’s from?

  20. Прушин Тень

    No slavic pantheon( I’ll go kill myself

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