Slay To Pay (A Jimquisition Halloween)

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It’s , and it’s time to make a killing.

Put the BLOOD in BLOOD MONEY as we show you how to not just slay, but get paid doing so.


  1. Can you please make voices and talking same volume levels? 🙁

  2. But seriously this is fucking creepy. They should be punished like any other stalker and then some

  3. Hit like as soon as I heard the sweet caramel voice of David Hayter.

  4. SEGA has copyright on that logo, Jim.

  5. David, if you’re reading this I still love you and your voice. Hope you’re in a different game and I totally miss you from the Metal Gear Solid series.

  6. I love how it’s deliberately fewer than 10 mins 🙂

  7. Tip for the future: never flip the y axis between cuts. Man is running to the right at the start of the video. Shrieking demon is chasing him. Then at 0:15 he is running to the left? So he’s now running towards the demon?

  8. Oh shit, motherfuckers, is that the Dreamcast logo in the background?

  9. This was brilliant, Jim. Thank God for you!

  10. Using this system I have become both a more horrifying and more profitable monster

  11. I see what you did there o_-

  12. I feel like I need to say to you (or your editor) that the sound design (specifically I mean the audio level for each sketch) need to be better thought out: I had to readjust my volume 3 times at least during the video

  13. I’m getting sick of all these “Fee To Slay” killers always offering loot boxes and micro transactions. In the glory days there were more respectable killers who only did it for personal satisfaction, even if they ended up unsuccessful. Shame.

  14. I can’t easily find the quantum field which equations are shown at 2:21
    I know its somewhere and have seen it on Wikipedia before.

  15. I was torn between laughing and feeling depressed while watching this.

  16. Great video Jim! Volume fluctuated a bit in it tho

  17. Your sound editing’s all over the place

  18. Why did that company try to cross Jim. They couldn’t have behaved in a manner that was any more of gift for Jim, at their expense. Thank god for Jim, ripping their guts out yet again, this time through parody. Heh, god damn, they were fucking stupid to bring this on themselves. Just, so stupid. THey might have science in their company name, but they were straight up stupid in their engagement with Jim in the last week or two it seems. Now he’s just screwing with them, for the lols.

  19. “Darling, what is that Sterling fellow doing now?”

    “I don’t know dear, but it is THAT time of the year again.”

    – Jim’s neighbors.

  20. Jim needs to make a “Not Goosebumps” episode on loot boxes.

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