Skyrim: The Dragonborn Comes – Peter Hollens feat. Dragon

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The Best Skyrim Song Since I teamed up Lindsey Stirling! (Want to buy or listen?


  1. Sing Age of Aggression!

  2. Christian Puddington

    Can you do the main theme from Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

  3. can u do Evermore from beauty and the beast?

  4. Thank you, Peter, for yet another wonderful video. As a die hard Skyrim fan, I very much enjoyed the music as well as the dragon and beautiful scenery!

  5. jessica prescott

    This was really lovely 🙂

  6. Supernatural.Hamilton.Greys anatomy

    Such a great video! Your content just keeps improving!

  7. Love the skyrim videos but can you please do carry on wayward son

  8. Request: Be a man from Mulan. I love your music.

  9. K.A.T Productions

    This is great! I’m surprised you haven’t done this already, you should do more Nordic or Irish songs!

  10. Liam Punstel-Viverais

    You should sing more skyrim songs

  11. Is it weird that you look like my cousin but much older looking?

  12. Hey Peter, look at “The Parting Glass”, it would be amazing!

  13. If anyone has questions about the Creator Academy Please email me @ with title “Creator Academy Questions” – Otherwise we are only going to keep it open for a short time so please make sure and sign up ASAP before I close signups… Already have WAAAAY more than I thought I would have… and I want to allow as many of you access!

  14. Can you do the Hobbit: Battle of the Five Arms song The Last Goodbye please?

  15. Lumosnightlock Shop

    What does the Creator Academy involve? Is it just you sharing information? Is there a cost?

  16. Did he always have sharp ears?

  17. Can you do the Beyblade theme song?

  18. Please can you do tmr by Annie?

  19. I would absolutely love to hear you cover “Silhouettes on the Shade” by The Rays!

  20. awesome as usual my friend!

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