Skyrim Sneak Logic

Sneak all your problems away

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Ever wonder why sneaking in is so over powered? Is your pursuit to be a stealth archer proving to be too easy? Wonder how can make little to no noise in all that armor? Here’s a video playing with that idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love . It’s just easy to make fun of the in it.


  1. So good to see skyrim videos back on YT

  2. hey dude

    how do you do the effects on the videos?

    its fucking awesome !!

  3. Im early

  4. Jasmine - Ruff-Puff

    This is unrealistic, I never forget to steal the pants along with the

  5. >Not using SkyUI for the menu…
    You mean they aren’t even playing on PC?

  6. Damn that was badass!

  7. That’s the thing I hate about video games…

  8. Thomas Shilling (TAStelevision)

    Member Skyrim 2012?

    I member.

  9. Skyrim is easily one of my favorite video games of all time

  10. 1:27 I love how he exists on the top layer of that tree

  11. Dude.. is that a guy? Damn

  12. the sad part is that even if you kill someone in fron of them they don’t
    even notice that…

  13. What was the opera song called?

  14. Though I loved it, it was a real missed opportunity not having him say
    “must have been the wind” at the end ;)

  15. I love how in every Skyrim video the dragonborn is wearing an iron helmet
    despite the skills he’s proficient in.

  16. Angelo James Mordini

    The fucking leaves ?

  17. That’s how you know when a game is a masterpiece. When you can laugh and
    enjoy even its flaws.

  18. Nukazooka Do Assasin Sneak Logic :)

  19. Skyrim NPCs are probably climate skeptics too

  20. You forgot shooting someone with an arrow, then hide and have them say “Oh
    guess it was nothing”

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