SKT vs C9 – World Championship 2017 – SK telecom T1 vs Cloud9

Picks & Bans: 7:06 Game Start: 13:15

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  1. nA TeAmS: gAp iS ClOsInG

  2. jensen clap faker XD

  3. clapped9

  4. Hey look, na team got raped by skt I didn’t expect that…

  5. I though this was youtube not pornhub geez

  6. take me back to the play ins

  7. I’m still surprised how Faker handles so much pressure on the mid lane. Jensen couldn’t do shit do even after all the ganks he got

  8. that faker flash to evade reksaii ult😙😙hahahha

  9. report C9 for feeding

  10. johnmathu fernandez

    No BunnyFuFuu, No Win

  11. Jensen get rekt Again 😂

  12. Riot should remove Faker’s global taunt, it’s really unfair for other team :^)

  13. SKT passed the tutorial. 😀

  14. what a spanking

  15. Alejandro Aguilar

    Can’t wait to clap faker. wtf jensen.😂

  16. I love it that they used Galio’s theme for the picks and bans. Really gave the vibe and excitement of who’re chosen and removed.

  17. Holy shit, that was a 26:00 minute game wdf

  18. Please report this video! Rape shouldn’t be allowed on Youtube!

  19. I’ll never understand some of the Support players I see in pro play. It’s a Lulu Trist vs a Kog Janna. Lulu literally just needs to shield her ADC and poly Kog the minute Kog hits W, and instantly Trist wins. Yet all I see is Lulu sitting 10 feet behind Trist, using both E and W on Trist. If Kog is allowed to auto, he wins. Lulu has a point and click “nope” ability. How hard is this?

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