Skatebird – Everything I Love Turns To Ash (Jimpressions)

IR;ve made no secret of my excitement for Skatebird. I must now be equally as open about my disappointment.


  1. That intro clip is very representative of my life lol

  2. And to think this was almost an epic store exclusive.

  3. Continues to have more fun giving my bird a mini skateboard

  4. God, this is one of those rare games where I can FEEL how bad it feels to control just by watching video of it. 1:20 in I am genuinely feeling motion sickness

  5. It took me way to long to realize that there was a actual objective you are supposed to be doing in that clip. Like you are supposed to find something.

  6. Gotta track me down a copy of Spyro: Riptide Rumpus.

    Forgot all about that one.


    I absolutely love skateboarding games, I play the Tony Hawk and Skate series’ constantly.
    This game is incredibly disappointing and the only thing I liked was that it’s on game pass so I didn’t waste money on it.
    I was so excited for this 🙁

  8. “Only Happy When It Rains” is by Garbage, which is what this game is.

  9. I was pretty into the Tony Hawk games in the past and knowing generally what I was doing wasn’t enough to grasp how to deal with this mess. I’ve seen even poorly-implemented skateboard mini games in things that handle better than Skatebird.

  10. I’m sorry Stephanie. In recent years I’ve had a weird anxiety where I’m scared to buy and start a new game that I’m excited for because I’m dreading finding out that it’s actually crap.
    (and if you do have to open that wine bottle with a mechanical override…definitely run that wine through some cheese cloth for glass shards haha)

  11. I too was excited for this game, used to love Tony hawk’s underground and birds are just cute

    thankfully used my free trial of game pass to check it out and was very disappointed, shame too after how good the idea and character creator were 😭 hope keywe turns out good

    On the bright side psychonauts 2 is brilliant though! Total surprise to me i never played the original

  12. I haven’t watched your stuff in a couple years so I binged it recently, and you’ve definitely mentioned your excitement for this game at least a dozen different times.

    It truly is a cold world…

  13. “The music is dead!”
    Skatebird killed the radio star!

  14. this is exactly the same experience i had with the game.

  15. That’s a shame. But on the plus side, Deltarune Chapter 2 was pretty good. That one brought me some joy.

  16. I used to love Tony Hawkes back in the day and thought “oh that’ll be a fun game to play, one of those games where it easy to pick up and have fun playing with no practice at all, but maybe will also have extra depth to master” – then I played it and hated the stupid camera crapping out all the time, got fed up and uninstalled it. Thanks god I played it on game pass and didn’t buy it.

  17. It’s absolutely insane that this game is essentially almost identical to the gamejam alpha, despite having like 3 years and a kickstarter campaign.

  18. Skatebird actually has a cameo appearance hidden in an optional room in Webbed, an adorable little game about a jumping spider. Even though the game has nothing to do with skating and only uses a skateboarding mechanic once (being this very room), it’s leagues better made than Skatebird’s own game. That’s rough.

    You should try Webbed instead.

  19. Skatebirds definitely has that “made in Dreams” feel to it.

  20. Unfortunately, the writing was on the wall for me with this one. I played the demo released late last year on Steam and it was easily one of the roughest gameplay experiences I’d had for years. Outside of the cute gimmick, the game had nothing going for it.

    I can’t remember the last time a demo singlehandedly put me off a game the way the SkateBIRD demo did.

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