Skate Man Intense Rescue: A Steam Spite Story (The Jimquisition)

Another developer (if we stretch the meaning of the word) initiates a copyright takedown strike, then doubles down on stupid with an astounding confession of spite.

If there was any doubt these takedowns came from a place other than petty attempted vengeance, let the story of Digpex Games put it to bed. Wow, these people.


  1. That ending. You pulled a literal ‘owned’ to anyone who messes with you? Dayum son

  2. YouTube isn’t letting me directly reply to this comment:

    “The problem here is, why is Jim not taking these guys to court?  If they’re making fraudulent claims, they’re committing fraud – which is a crime.  Why just whine about YouTube not doing it’s job when you can make the courts do the job and actually provide a punishment for these people and an incentive for others to not try it either?”

    So, here’s how the law works, as I’ve been made to understand it. 

    I don’t take them to court because I can’t take them to court. What has to happen is they have to escalate it first. I get to counter-sue when a developer takes this far enough to turn their copyright strike into a full on DMCA case. If they take me to court, and fail there, THEN I get to fire back for damages. This is what legal folks have said on the matter. 

    So this is why I just “whine” about it on YouTube for now. 

  3. I have to say Jim; that is a fantastic tirade.  Why are you Brits so adept at English!?!

  4. I think this qualifies as justice porn.

  5. Spectacular_Insanity

    That response Jim got is the perfect example of why the education system is failing in general.

  6. Goddamn…that framerate.

  7. Christian Neihart

    It’s like “The Room” of response letters.

  8. 30 fps is playable. 5 fps is not.

  9. The final rant was a quality one, especially with your theme music in the back like that.

  10. lol that ending speech, 10 out of 10 claped everytime

  11. Goddamn that was some google translate shit right there.

    Also that face Jim… perfect

  12. That ending…damn. “When people think of Jim Sterling they think of Jim Sterling. When they think of you they think of Jim Sterling.” Savage.

  13. that was probably the most amazing conclusion to any jimquisition ever!

  14. I know I’m stating the obvious but it kinda sounds like this developer has English as a second langue

  15. Thomas Butterworth

    Not gonna lie, Jim’s rant at the end of this video give me a chubby

  16. Who came to watch dat ending again in light of the recent legal story ??

  17. that savage ending

  18. …so is this the same person who wrote the “Does Bruno Mars is Gay?” article?

  19. I like how digpex wrote most of the “he”s capital kinda like how religious people write “he” capital when referring to God.

  20. At least Digpex capitalised every ‘He’ in that statement they made to refer to Jim. Shows that they recognise his true status as a more powerful and respected being.

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