Should Games Media Keep The Game Industry’s Secrets? (The Jimquisition)

When Toby Fox released Deltarune, everyone asked to keep quiet about it for 24 hours. Obviously that didn’t happen. Elsewhere, Kotaku has a neverending source of leaked information for like Assassin’s Creed and Fallout.

Let’s not forget that time Randy Pitchford called an accurate report on Borderlands 2 “shoddy journalism.”

Most recently, Rockstar and Take-Two managed to get over a million quid from a website for leaking accurate Red Dead Redemption 2 information.

Publishers believe the media’s job is to help them. The media doesn’t always do that when news needs reporting. Let’s talk about it.

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  4. First glance i thought you were fighting Logan Paul… Youtube’s most interesting cross-over

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    That chair is AAA games and Sterling is the fans who want genuine content

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  12. Unless there’s an NDA signed, or an embargo on a review/story, the onus is on the game publishers/devs to keep their secrets, not the media.

  13. Media are supposed to be impartial and informative. Things like release dates should not be something that could be sued over and then media lose. That is the problem. The publishers control the media, which should not be the case. This is normally what you would consider as propaganda in other places.

  14. As a 30+ year old who’s been playing since the amiga 500 and NES days, who used to regularly buy games media like joystick back in the day, I can say that I don’t trust any games journalist beyond this channel.

    Their silence on msot serious issues like crunch, large corps destroying young talented dev teams, glowing reviews of barely average rehashed yearly franchises, etc, etc has taught me that games journalists are nothing more than cheap marketing. And the only thing I despise more than an advertising/marketing whore, is a cheap one.

  15. The chair is Konami.
    Sterdust is Silent Hill fans.

    Almost Shakespearean.

  16. Games media is in bed with the industry enough. Tired of watching the gaming blogs in particular with EA and Activision Blizzards spunk dribbling from their mouths while they speak.

  17. Wow the Logan Paul VS KSI rematch looks intense

  18. I assumed the whole “wait 24 hours” thing was meant to be an intentional infliction of the Streisand Effect – by telling people not to show it off immediately, it would therefore get shown off immediately by many, many, many people.

  19. The corporatization of journalism is a serious problem, and seeing you cover it makes me happy. Games journalism has always been part promotional material, but it does seem to be headed towards a similar problem the mainstream has. Access journalism basically forces people who should hold people in power accountable into positions where they’re carrying water for the people they’re supposed to take to task. It’s a huge conflict of interest, and if anything is ‘shoddy” about journalism, it’s people being forced to curb their journalistic integrity to make companies more money.

    Or to put that shorter: thank god for you. Give ’em hell, Jim!

  20. It’s ridiculous the amount of people who defend Take-Two’s lawsuit. Like, Jesus Christ, they claim Trusted Reviews was a parasite, completely missing the irony when involving the company that published GTA Online.

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