Should Activision Blizzard Be Hiring For Community Managers After Laying Off Community Managers?

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A number of former Blizzard employees are feeling pretty insulted after learning Activision Blizzard is advertising for new hires in positions suspiciously similar to the ones they were let go of.

A new posting for a Hearthstone community manager – months after the Hearthstone community team was decimated – is a very bad look.

Activision let go of around 800 employees in February in “celebration” of record revenue intake. This company, with its billionaire CEO and unethical tax refunds, continues to be awful.

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  1. Watch them unknowingly hire a manager that they had already fired.

  2. Sure at 30% less pay…

  3. Apply now and you two can be laid off by Activision!

  4. They’re surprise Hiring mechanics!

  5. Blizzard: Lays off community managers
    Community: needs community managers
    Blizzard: _surprised Pikachu face_

  6. Jim did you say hiring again or consuming new prey
    Ehh either way doesn’t make a difference

  7. The previous guys should publish their salaries along with their position so the new guys get some ammunition for their salary negotiations

  8. _Step 1 : Fire hundreds of people for no reason._
    _Step 2 : Hire new suckers who will take lesser wages._
    _Step 3 : ????_
    _Step 4 : Profit._

  9. So just to recap: Activision defends layoffs by citing “redundancies” and a bloated staff. Activision now hiring for the same positions that were eliminated due to said redundancies. By golly it’s almost like Activision’s lying!

  10. Are we sure that this is even legal ? This doesnt sound legal.

  11. Jim, your 300th jimquesition is coming up, make sure you don’t forget it like your 200th.

  12. I’m fully convinced at this point that Bobby Kotick jerks off to the suffering of others

  13. Chie Satonaka gives me a fucking hard-on

    “It’s not workplace discrimination, it’s surprise replacements!”

    ~Bobby “I Sold My Mother’s Ashtray For $5” Kotick, Probably

  14. Just more evidence that CEOs and large corporations are fundamentally psycopathic

  15. originalscreenname44

    Something tells me this is the scam where they lay off experienced staff so they can eventually hire less experienced staff so they can pay them far less.

  16. Bobby Kotick is a human? Color me surprise. I could have sworn those horns on his head meant that he was some sort of demonspawn.

  17. Not sure how it works in the US, but in Canada you can only lay off workers if you intend to rehire them at a later date. If you lay off employees and then hire someone else, the layoff is considered a termination without cause and falls under protections for unjust dismissal.
    The company I work at has seasonal dips in staffing needs, so often has to resort to layoffs, but we have a rehire date already set in stone before the layoff goes into effect.

  18. I really think Jim should start calling all corporate mouthpieces and executives “allegedly” human beings

  19. I would say that this is peak Corporate Capitalism, but lets be real: it’s just going to keep degenerating. The worst is yet to come.

  20. What irritates me is that that magazine that awarded EA the “Worst Company in America” award twice in a row closed down back in 2013.
    If awards like that still hang around, it becomes far easier to publicly shame companies like Activision.
    I’d easily give them a “Worst Company in America to Work For” award for 2019, for being so bad, they had to lay off workers after having one of their best quarter for profits.

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